Where Do I Tutor and How Much Do I Charge?



Through a Burwood Tuition Centre: Both centres have excellent facilities and friendly people for tutoring 'in person' or with Zoom. Both are close to Burwood Station. My tutoring style is unique and intensive, including one hour per week of one-on-one tutoring with online marking in between. The cost around $75/week.

  • MASTER COACHING BURWOOD                           


Independent Online 'Zoom' Conferencing:  I also offer private tuition with Zoom. I  charge $50 for a weekly conference and expect you to commit to a term. In addition to a weekly lesson, I spend at least an hour every week marking and returning your work online. If you ask a classmate to join in then the cost can be shared.

Email-Only Marking: Instead of having a set lesson every week you can send me your essays and other work for marking. The cost is $40/week and I expect you to commit to a whole term.


Paul Barbary
October 2020

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