How I Tutor You

Studying an English text and arriving at some good ideas for a thesis rarely happens automatically. Either too much or not enough information makes the whole process difficult. As your English tutor I help you to separate the important from the unimportant and recognize key ideas.

Not being a university student with my own study agenda allows me to focus on you, your writing, your homework or your latest essay draft. My tutoring style is unique and intensive and does not end when the session is over. In between sessions I mark and return your work so you can re-draft and refine it if necessary.

You set the pace.

I treat you as an individual with particular needs. I provide relevant feedback on every aspect of your coming assignment.

Many different forms of writing are required in the new NESA English syllabus. These include imaginative, persuasive and discursive writing. I help you to understand and differentiate your writing tasks.

One of my key motivations is to help you preserve the spirit of your own writing and your sense of personal achievement.

Paul Barbary


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