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HSC English Tutor : Years 7 to 12 : Sydney Australia
One-on-One Tutoring for students in their HSC or Preliminary Year : English Standard : English EAL/D : English Advanced : English Extension

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Experienced, Qualified, Retired NSW High School English Teacher




 One-on-one tutoring at a tuition center in Burwood
'in-person' or using Zoom


Private Zoom tutoring with online
marking and backup - no tuition centre


Email Only Marking if you prefer not having a
set lesson each week


About Myself and English Tutoring

After thirty years of teaching secondary high school English I'm not yet ready to retire. I tutor students from Years 7 to 12 with a particular focus on HSC Advanced, Standard, EAL/D and Extension.

My rates are competitive. See my costs page:

In these coronavirus times a lot of tutoring has gone over to Zoom but quite a lot still happens in tuition centres. The two centres where I work are in Burwood, Inner Western Sydney. Both are close to Burwood Station and both provide a choice of  'in person' tuition or Zoom conferencing.

I also tutor independently. It all depends on whether you contact me privately or through a tuition centre. As a private student I can only offer you Zoom conferencing. This costs less than tuition through a centre.

Most students do 1 hour per week. This includes marking, homework and email correspondence.

I do not tutor students in public libraries or in my own home.

My method is to simplify things, puttting you in control of English, helping you to write well and perform better in school assessments.

Contact me by phone, email or by leaving a message on this website.

Paul Barbary
October 2020


Hi Paul. I received my Trial Exam marks for
English today. Attached is a typed up version of my
Mod B essay and the question from memory. Thank you
for the effort you have put into tutoring me. I am quite satisfied with my
marks and feel that my goal for Band 6 would
be achievable with further guidance from you. My marks are as follows.
Common Module ... Section 1 17/20 ... Section 2 18/20
Module A 16/20
Module B 16/20
Module C 20/20
Looking forward to our next lesson!
(student) Fort Street High School NSW
August 2020 


Hi Paul! How are you? I got my HSC results from yesterday
and I got 91 for English and a 98.25 ATAR in
total :) I just want you to know
you helped me so much and give you a huge thank you!
Hope you have a lovely Christmas :) and
Best Wishes!
(Student) Meriden School Strathfield NSW

Message received Dec 18th 2019


Dear Mr B. I just wanted to let you know
my English mark was 84.
Thank you for all your help. Merry
(Student) St Joseph's College Lochinvar NSW
Message received Dec 17th 2019


Hi Paul!  ............ got 86 in English which is high Band 5. I personally
would like to say  thank you. Without your
coaching and pushing he wouldn't have achieved this! 

Mother of Concord High School student. Class of 2018.
Message received Dec 13th 2018


Hi Paul. UWS has offered me to study a BA in Psychology
since I achieved 2 Band 5s as part
of the HSC TRUE AWARDS which is great! It's good that
I've developed the basic writing strategy for uni essays
at the last minute!
Class of 2018 Student
Trinity Catholic College Auburn
Message received Dec 13th 2018

This is ....... here! I hope you have been well and enjoyed your Summer holidays. I just emailed to thank you for helping me with English during HSC and also to let you know the good news!! Although I didn't manage to get a Band 6, I managed an 88 for my HSC mark. My internal mark was 86 and external mark was 90. Overall, even though this isn't the best mark out there, I'm very happy with it. I think I've come a long way! Especially since I thought I was never going to make Band 5. Anyhow, sorry for the very, very late news and I hope you have been well. Kind Regards. .............. PS: ............. also wishes to send her regards! :)

St George Girls High School student: Class of 2017: Message received March 2018.


Hi Paul. Haha i mean i guess... thanks for being such an awesome english tutor!! 
I probably wouldn't have been able to survive english without our lessons :D:
Message received. Feb 2017

Hi Paul. I just wanted to let you know how I went for Advanced English.
Assessment Mark: 84/100
Exam Mark: 89/100
Final HSC Mark : 87/100 B5
Although I fell short of a Band 6, I felt that I improved under your guidance which
has allowed me to score a higher external mark.
Thank you for your teaching over the months leading up to the HSC at
PLC Extension Centre. Email received Dec 2016


Hi Paul. Today I received my overall English mark and
I got Band 5. Thank you very
much for all the help and teaching you have given
me over the year. Without it I would
never have been able to achieve this result. I am fortunate
to have had an English teacher like
you who has made English fun and provided learning in a friendly
environment. Thanks again for all your hard
work and help at Ninety Plus Education Centre. Year 12 Advanced
English student. Email received Dec 15th 2016.

Hi Paul, 
Hope all has been well! 
I received a very satisfying mark of 93 for English
Advanced. Thank you for all your help
over the course of the year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
Fort Street High School Student
Email received: Dec 20th 2015

Hi Paul
Long time no see, how are you? I've just received
my HSC result and surprisingly I got a Band 6 for ESL
English. I also did really well for my other subjects and I've
decidedto go to UNSW. Thank you for your useful and
interesting teaching and also your patience. I really had a
great time with you through the three years. I am sure
that without you I will not be able to gain such success.
Thank you again and Merry Chirstmas.
Year 12 ESL Student
Homebush Boys HS
Email received December 18th 2015

Hi Paul,
I'm letting you know I received
a Band 6 in English Advanced (a score
of 90). Thank you for all
your help this year! I wouldn't have survived
English (especially Module A's Joyce and Heaney 
without it!)
Year 12 Advanced Student
St George Girls High School
Text message received on 
December 16 2015

Hi Mr Barbary, 

thank you very much for helping my daughter ----- with

English on Saturdays. She is very

appreciative of your excellent teaching and effort!

 (from parent of) Year 11 student

PLC Extension Centre, Croydon

June 2015


Dear Paul
This is a test email. 
Also, thank you for your help today on Othello
and the characters. That was really useful.

Year 11 Meriden School Student, Strathfield 

June 2015

Hello Mr Barbary,
As promised I am letting you know how I went in the HSC, and I would like to thank you for all the assistance and marking that you have done for me. It has been very helpful! I ended up getting 88 for English Advanced, and although I was hoping for a Band 6, I  still think its a satisfactory result.

Advanced English 3 Unit Student..North Sydney Boys HS,
.December 19th 2014

Dear Paul,
Thank you! For Everything!
For always tending to
my emails, 
making sure I'm always armed with past papers and resources and
thank you for teaching me
everything you have! It has been a pleasure being your student!

Year 12 (Advanced) 3 unit English Student
St George Girls' High School
October 2014


Hi Paul! Sorry for the delayed email, I've


 just been too busy

winding down from the HSC for 2 months!

I'm happy to report

that I achieved  85/100 for my examination mark in

English, meaning I got

 84 for my total HSC mark!  Very happy with my

English result :)  I just got accepted

 into the course I really wanted (Bachelor of Physiotherapy),


not at my ideal


 university, yet I was still  surprised (in a happy way!) 

Thank you for

 tutoring me last year, although we didn't agree on


 everything I believe it made me


 think more about my answers and obviously helped me


 a lot for my exam. Wish you all the best for


 tutoring, acting and

the future! Year 12 Advanced English Student 2013.

Messaged January 2014


Dear Paul,
 How are you? I hope everything 
is going well for you!!  
I would like to inform you that I achieved
 a Band 5 (82) HSC mark
 for English, and I will be studying Primary
 Education at University
 of Sydney starting from this year. 
I want to thank you for 
all the help you have given me 
throughout my Year 12.
 I really enjoyed our tutoring lessons
 and I will recommend
 you to some of my friends if they wish
 to find a tutor.
Year 12 Advanced student  
Message received February 2014




"I received 67.5% in my
half-yearly English
exam - which was a good
mark in the class.
My teacher said I had
made the greatest
improvement of any
of the students
in my class.
(Year 12 Standard Student)
Skype Tuition
Armidale,NSW 2013

"Hi Paul,
I wonder if you remember -
... ... who studied with you
in 2011? She is very happy
these days in her 2nd year
at the Institute of Music. Meanwhile
her sister ... is in HSC this year
doing English Advanced and Drama.
Her books at the moment are Gatsby, The Crucible,
Barrett-Browning Sonnets, and soon
to start Hamlet.
She would like to start lessons
with you - ... has told her how
much she appreciated your help.
(Parent of Year 12 student -
March 2013)

"Hi Paul,
I got 88 for English (Adv) for HSC and
ended up getting an 99.6 ATAR!
Just wanted to say a massive thanks for your
help during the year. Your made English 
bearable, and even enjoyable!
Thanks in particular for your never-failing, ever-
speedy replies to my essays 
sent at all hours of the day."

Year 12 Advanced English student.
Nth Syd GHS 2011

"Hi Paul,
Just thought I would let you
know about my HSC
results. I ended up with a 
Band 6 in Advanced English 
(91%) and a Band E3 
(44/50) for English 
Extension 1. 
I ended up with an
ATAR of 90 and I am most 
probably heading off to do 
a combined degree -
International Studies/Law 
at Wollongong University, 
but I still have January to 
decide. I'd just like to use
this opportunity to thank you
 once again for all your help 
and support throughout 
the past year.

Year 12 -  4 Unit English student 2010
Concord High School

"Dear Paul,
I have finally finished my HSC. I felt the lessons with you
helped me greatly in the exams. I felt that I could answer the 
questions presented to me. However, I struggled with the Briar 
Rose question. I didn't know how to answer it properly, but I 
tried my best, hopefully, I did well."

Year 12 Standard Student, November 2009


Hello Paul,
I don’t know if you still remember me but I did
promise to tell you my mark for HSC English. I got
a band 5 but unfortunately I just missed out on
a band 6 by 1 mark.
Even though I did miss out, I’m still
happy with my results. Thanks to your help,
it allowed me to achieve something I
didn’t expect. I’m currently
studying a Bachelor of Business at UTS.
Hope you are doing well too!
Year 12 Advanced Student, Nth Sydney GHS, 2011
Received May 2012



"Thank you for your support throughout the year. I really

appreciate all the hard work you’ve done for me – not to mention the countless essays

you had to mark!"

(Year 12 Standard Student, Nov 2008)


I'd just like to say thankyou for tutoring me. My marks have improved a lot."

(Year 12 Standard Student, Oct 09)


"I want to say thank you for the wonderful lessons & also for marking all my essays online. Thankyou."
(Year 11 student - 2007 - continuing 2008)

"Thank you very much for helping ....... It is very much appreciated. He is happy with his HSC result."
(Parent of Year 12 student - 2007)

"Thank you for helping me with my HSC studies. I am happy with my result."
(Year 12 student - 2007)




Paul Barbary: Dip.Teaching, Secondary (English/Drama) Adelaide, SA 1974 : Dip.Drama Studio,London 1975: NSW Teachers Certificate, Sydney 2004.

Current "Working With Children Check Number":  Andew Paul Barbary : WWC0250881E : Expiry Date: February 2024 : For More Information Visit Website :


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