The 3 C’s to Keep Your Learning Flexible

Discover the 3 guiding principles in reevaluating your training program to stay flexible no matter what. Watch each video monthly to learn with us!

Staying Flexible

2020 has been a year of learning for everyone. Like most businesses, we reassessed and redesigned
our training program in order to better meet the needs of our learners. In doing so, our VP of Talent, Ann McDonald,
uncovered 3 guiding principles that helped her stay flexible.


How to connect with your learners while also ensuring they connect with the subject too



How to ensure your learners have the content they need available when and where they need it


How to leverage collaboration in your organization to get more done in your department

“I had thought we would take the same content that we’ve been training on and pivot from a classroom to an online format. But we quickly discovered that it wasn’t just important to connect with one another but to the subject matter as well.”

Ann McDonald, VP of Talent and L&D

The first principle: Connection

In this video, Ann explains why Connection is the first guiding principle in prioritizing and developing a training strategy that stays flexible in the midst of everything. From addressing the obstacles learners are facing because of the pandemic, to creating topics that resonate despite the distance, see how connection plays a critical role in your L&D strategy.

The second principle: Content

In this video, Ann asks the question, “How can you be sure your learners have the content they need when and where they need it?” Watch this video to understand the approach to Content delivery she takes in order to help learners retain information and reinforce learning objectives long after the training event.

The third principle: Collaboration

In this video, Ann tells you how to leverage collaboration in your organization to get more done in your training department. She shares a win-win learning opportunity, which enlists the help of SME team members by offering them an incentive to collaborate.

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