How Boreas Campers Uses Mimeo to Save Money, Improve Quality

Boreas Campers builds high-quality offroad camper trailers for adventurers. With each trailer, they provide a printed owner’s manual that explains the product and reflects their brand.

Before Mimeo

At first, Boreas relied on their local FedEx print shop for their owner’s manuals. This required uploading files to FedEx; driving to pick up the print from the shop; and hole-punching, collating, and compiling manuals in the office. If there were any changes to the manual, the process had to be repeated.

In the words of Maggie Reichel, Boreas Campers’ Director of Marketing:
“Printing with FedEx was incredibly tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.”

Mimeo Saves Maggie 6 Hours Per Order

Switching to Mimeo saves Maggie six hours per order. Now, she uploads files from her office (or home office), builds and proofs her document online, and ships the printed and bound manuals wherever she needs them. Since Mimeo does all the work of printing, collating, binding (and quality-checking) the documents, Maggie can spend her energy on more important tasks than assembling the owner’s manuals.

“With Mimeo, the quality of the manuals is higher than when I was compiling them myself, and the cost is lower than it was printing at our local FedEx shop.”

Mimeo Raises the Bar for Boreas Campers

Boreas Campers are high-end offroad trailers, and their brand materials should reflect that. By switching to Mimeo, Maggie can now build her owner’s manuals using top-of-the-line paper stocks, color printers, and binding materials. Plus, the manuals go through Mimeo’s quality-assurance check after collation, so that Maggie doesn’t have to worry about assembly errors.

“We offer a very high-end product, and our owner’s manuals are a reflection of that to our end-users. Mimeo has helped us raise the bar while saving us time and money!”

About Boreas Campers

Boreas Campers builds offroad camper trailers in Denver, Colorado. Tested in the Rocky Mountains, these turn key, off grid campers are designed to get off the beaten path and into adventure! Learn more about Boreas Campers here.

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