How Blockchain Might Impact the Real Estate Industry

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With technology and real estate being so closely linked in a number of ways today, there are many important and new considerations to be addressed. Among these is blockchain, which is revolutionizing how people conduct financial transactions and other types of business. By using this type of technology, real estate is going to be forever changed.

Some aspects of the way transactions are conducted now could become completely obsolete, and the process will likely be streamlined, too. Here are just a few of the ways in which blockchain is going to change how real estate works in the future.

Transactions Will Be Faster and Easier

Title companies may not be needed at all when blockchain is used in real estate. Right now these escrow companies are used to protect buyers and sellers, but with blockchain tokens there won’t be any need for a middleman.

Title searches won’t have to be done, either. The transaction’s authenticity can be proven right away, and that means the owner could simply transfer the title to someone else, since both parties can see that the owner holds the title and that there are no problems with it. This will truly revolutionize the way real estate transactions are conducted, and could significantly reduce the closing costs buyers (and sometimes sellers) have to deal with.

Transparency Will Be Increased

With so many middlemen involved in any real estate transaction, there can easily be trust and transparency issues. It’s unfortunate but the way of the world now. With blockchain, however, all of that will change. Without the need for middlemen, there will be a much higher level of transparency than before. Because of this, transactions can take place on a peer to peer level, allowing for people who are buying and selling property to feel good about the changes they are making and the security of their decisions.


Information Will Be Openly Available

Being able to research deeds and other real estate information is very important when it comes to making sure a transaction is being processed correctly. But in the past some of that information has been difficult to get.

With blockchain, that will all change. The information needed to make a secure real estate transaction between a buyer and a seller will all be readily available, so there will be fewer hassles and less stress to deal with. It will make the process of completing a real estate transaction much easier than before.

Trust and Cost Effectiveness Will Both Be Available

It can be expensive to transfer real estate, but blockchain will change all of that by cutting out the middlemen and stopping the need to add multiple people to the process between the buyer and the seller. There will also be a higher level of trust between the two parties to the transaction, because they can both see the information stored in the blockchain. It can be independently verified, making it safe and reliable to use.

Online Data Storage Will Bring More Security

With the right type of online data storage, there is a high level of security that can be appreciated by both the buyer and the seller. This has to be carefully considered, because having more security can mean faster, easier, and more comfortable transactions for both Parties.

With trust and an ability to quickly and easily verify all of the information needed to complete a real estate deal, everyone involved in it can move through the process and know that they are getting what they were promised instead of creating a high level of risk.

About the Author:

Dylan Snyder is Team Leader at Snyder Real Estate Group, Keller Williams. For more information, check out Snyder Real Estate.

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