How to Maximize Your Print Budget

Want guidance on maximizing your print budget? Explore this infographic for easy-to-implement tips, then schedule a free print consultation with a knowledgeable Mimeo representative.

In the digital world that we live in, your budget for printing business documents may be limited. That’s why we put together this infographic – to show you how to make the most of your print budget on every page. Check it out below! Then, view and download the high-resolution, printable PDF.


1. Switch to Print-on-Demand

Digital print technology allows you to print as few as one copy at a time for the same per-unit price as 1,000 copies. That means you don’t have to order a minimum quantity or increase your volume for a discount.

Plan Ahead

2. Plan to Print Ahead of Time

Ask your vendor what their preferred project plan looks like, then stick to that. You’ll be amazed how much money you can save by sending your files over one week earlier.

Design Space Icon

3. Utilize Your Design Space

When every dollar counts, every inch of physical space counts, too. Work with your designer to make sure your margins, text, and page breaks are all optimized to use as much of the paper as possible. Also, check your line spacing and set up the project for double-sided printing.

Check Your Materials Icon

4. Check Your Materials

If you need to cut corners, be sure to use budget-friendly materials, like thinner paper stocks, black and white ink, and simple binding options. If you’re not familiar with these options, ask your printer for guidance.

5. Optimize Your Project with Quote Tools

Your printer should be able to provide multiple quotes as you prepare your project. If the first quote is too high, play around with your design and materials to see how you can bring down the per-unit price of your project.

6. Commit to One Print Partner

This last tip may save you the most money. Set up a partnership with one printer. If you commit your business ahead of time, they should be able to commit to better pricing for each and every one of your jobs. Your budget doesn’t need to balloon every time you start printing. With these tips, you should even have some money left over for other projects!

Key Takeaways

We hope you enjoyed this infographic. Here are the key takeaways in one glance. Keep these in mind to maximize your print budget.

Move to an on-demand printer. Digital printing gives you the flexibility to only print the exact amount of copies you need, when you need them. (At Mimeo, we’ll print one or one thousand copies for the same price per unit. Place your order by 10:00 PM ET, and we’ll deliver it as early as 8:30 AM the next morning.)
Order your printing ahead of time to get the best pricing from your print vendor.
Make the most of your document design space. Print on both sides and optimize margins, text, page breaks, and more.
Use budget-friendly paper, ink, and binding options.
Get multiple price quotes from your printer and make adjustments to reduce printing costs.
Trust one vendor for all of your business printing needs, and receive the best prices on all of your print jobs.

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