Episode 3
Thinking Outside the Box to Motivate Your Sales Team

Get new ideas for keeping your sales reps motivated by understanding their individual desires, setting specific goals, and building a culture of feedback.

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In this episode of Mimeo’s Talk of the Trade, Michael McNary talks with Leslie Douglas, VP of Sales Training at JB Sales, about how to motivate sales reps. For over a decade, Leslie has worked in sales across many industries. Now, she combines her love of sales with her love of mentorship by leading sales training at JB Sales, a leading provider of on-demand and in-person sales training.

In this conversation, Mike and Leslie discuss:

  • The myth that all sales people are motivated by money 
  • How to find out what actually makes each team member tick
  • Using SMART goals to motivate sales reps
  • Building a culture of feedback as part of motivation

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