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Mimeo Print

Print on-demand (POD) is a type of order fulfillment where documents are printed only when, and as soon as, an order is placed. With POD technology, you can print in single or small quantities, rather than pre-printing materials in bulk. There are no minimum order requirements. The main benefit of POD is the ability to print the exact number of documents you need, when you need them, reducing costs and eliminating waste from unused, excess documents. In addition, POD lets you personalize documents via variable data printing (VDP). VDP allows for customization of elements, such as text, graphics, and images, from one printed piece to the next.

Mimeo Print is an online, on-demand print platform that allows you to build, proof, and print as much or as little as you want at any given time. There are no minimum print order requirements. Customers can order printed documents from any device, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mimeo print includes an online document library, where you can securely store the documents you build for future access.

Mimeo Print is easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech genius to use our platform. Both simple and intuitive, Mimeo Print helps to streamline file upload, document building, proofing, and ordering in just a few clicks.

Yes! Mimeo Print provides full visibility into your document’s journey. Now, you can see where each package is in the delivery stage, all on one page, and without having to manually check a tracking number. Track up to 1,000 different locations.

Mimeo Print provides real time pricing, instantly reflecting document specifications and changes. You’ll always know your exact price prior to placing an order – no hidden surprises.

Yes! Mimeo enables you to place orders remotely from anywhere, from multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, we support the latest versions of all web browsers.

Mimeo has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in place at all of our production facilities. In the event of power failure caused by outages or inclement weather, Mimeo’s production facilities automatically utilize UPS, ensuring continuous operation and full security implementation.

Mimeo’s UPS operates for 3 consecutive days without refueling. Additionally, contracts are in place that guarantee Mimeo priority during extended crisis events. We pride ourselves in being available for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mimeo allows you to ship your documents quickly. If you submit your order by 9 PM ET, we can deliver it to any destination in the US as soon as the next morning.

Every Mimeo Print order is unique, produced on-demand through a defined production process. Mimeo’s production facilities work in conjunction with on-demand orders, by only producing orders in the quantity needed at the time needed. This helps us to levelize our production, eliminate the need for inventory, and reduce document waste.

Employees are only granted access to those tools required to complete the tasks assigned to them. The Mimeo production process is managed by sophisticated, computerized systems that govern all access control and task allocation to fully prevent any unnecessary access.

Each time a file is uploaded to Mimeo, a unique certificate is automatically assigned to the user. The file can only be decrypted by Mimeo during the transfer of this data. A secure protocol (HTTPS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are utilized within all of Mimeo’s platforms. These are the same encrypted document transfer technologies utilized by financial and retail institutions. Numerous financial services companies in the Fortune 100 entrust Mimeo to secure their documents.
Learn more about Mimeo’s digital security safeguards and initiatives.

Mimeo not only enables sites to have their own file repository, we also provide users with a robust content library. This includes the ability to securely store, save, and share documents through their individual content libraries. Additional sharing permissions can be set for documents, such as read-only, customize, or full control. Our customers often organize their libraries, permissioning access to the most current folders of their content. Outdated content can be removed or archived, organization wide from a single account, eliminating any room for error in terms of version control.

You can upload PDF and Microsoft Word files as well as certain types of image files to Mimeo Print. Specifically, Mimeo Print supports jpg, jpeg, PNG, gif, bmp, tiff, and tif file types. If you would like to upload another file type, like a video, you should check out our Mimeo Digital platform.

Mimeo Print’s online proof will show you what your document will look like. If your content isn’t quite fitting with the folds or cutlines of a document, we provide free templates for download. These templates give you guidelines and dimensions for your content layout in either PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Mimeo Marketplace

For the majority of our products, there are no setup fees. For low volume specialized documents, there are nominal setup fees that will be included in the real time quote for clarity. Based on the size of the order, these fees can be discounted or potentially provided at no cost tied to a customer commitment.

Mimeo Marketplace enables you to create a completely custom, branded storefront for shoppers. Additionally, Mimeo Marketplace can be white labeled at an additional cost, meaning that all Mimeo branding is removed, and the platform appears to be integrated with your own internal portals/platforms.

The way in which both platforms operate, however, are fully customizable through setting permissions, building a content repository, and establishing an address book.

Mimeo allows for customers to warehouse their items. Warehousing occurs at our production facilities. These items can be pulled and placed into shipments of printed items. These items can be kitted, bundled, and shipped with other print, or nonprint items.

Mimeo Marketplace is a central portal for all your print and digital content. Create your own corporate storefront where your team members and external partners can order approved materials, branded merchandise, templates, business cards, and much more.

Yes. You can have one or multiple administrators, and provide full level administration and secondary level administration.

Your administrator(s) set permissions in place for those accessing your content and materials in Marketplace. You are able to control what content users can view, who can share, and limit who cannot.

Full level administrators can change Marketplace settings. They can enable or disable account credit, order specifications, and even documents on specific accounts. Secondary administrators are able to publish content.

Your administrator can add as many or as few shoppers as you want. This can be a small defined group, or to the public. There is no limit to the number of shoppers.

Available ordering permissions include order approvals, access requests, and budget controls for customers with multiple shoppers, all at no additional cost. Administrators can set order limits, shipping methods, and document number limits for specific or all shoppers.

Yes! Include up to 4 custom fields for your shoppers, which encapture any data you would like to capture on a per-order basis. This data will feed into invoicing and reporting features, and can provide additional information to help catalog orders and track material usage.

Mimeo Marketplace is multilingual and can also support multi-currency for EMEA-based customers. Each individual account and Marketplace storefront can be set up in one or multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German, at no additional charge.

Mimeo’s robust reporting features give you insight into how content requests contribute to lead generation tracking. With Marketplace, your administrator can view which documents are ordered, provide recipient information, and see what is contained in each specific order. Mimeo can alter messaging and modify materials based on your reporting needs.

Yes! If you want more detailed information, ad hoc or monthly billing reports are available and customizable.

Mimeo allows for document edits and real time proofing. Combined with quick turn printing capabilities and no order minimums, creating a Mimeo virtual library eliminates the need to warehouse. As a result, our customers who have warehoused documents in their previous solutions experience substantial cost savings by eliminating document waste and other associated soft costs.

Yes! Mimeo works with a network of trusted partners to produce non-paper items. One of our most popular offerings is company-branded SWAG, such as tote bags, shirts, caps, golf accessories, and personal protective equipment. Non-print materials can be warehoused, on-site, by Mimeo. All warehoused items can be bundled, kitted, and shipped with documents, further minimizing related shipping costs.

Mimeo Digital

Mimeo Digital is a cutting-edge digital content distribution platform that allows enterprise organizations to maintain security for their content and receive rich reporting on audience engagement. From Mimeo Digital Command, users can upload, manage and distribute their digital content. From the Mimeo Digital Library, audience members can receive and engage with digital content in a user-friendly experience that is customized for them.

Mimeo Digital can be accessed on any device (PCs, tablets, and smartphones) via your web browser or the mobile app. The Mimeo Digital mobile app is available for free download to Mimeo Digital customers and their audiences on Apple’s App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, MS Windows 10 Store, and Google Play.

For our Enterprise Plan customers, Mimeo has APIs available for a variety of integrations. Many of our customers make use of these integrations to automate everyday tasks. Our integration manager will meet with your business and technical stakeholders to better understand your needs and map out an integration plan.

The ability to print and download your files depends on your current permissioning level. Users can set permissions to limit printing and downloading. On the contrary, if full access is given, users maintain the ability to both print and download those files.

Our Mimeo Digital team leaders are ready to provide more information, answer any questions, give you a one-on-one demonstration, and even create a 30-day free trial account for you.

Get started with Mimeo Digital by setting up a 30-day free trial account. One of our team members will be happy to help you set up an account.

We appreciate your interest! However, Mimeo Digital was designed to be used by organizations and their customers, including other companies. If you feel that Mimeo Digital is a great fit for your organization, we ask that you talk to your decision makers, expressing your interest, prior to scheduling a demo.

You can access Mimeo Digital from a variety of browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Chrome is the most optimum browser to use with this platform.

Yes! You can access Mimeo Digital content on any device, even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Any engagement with your content, such as notes, highlights, and drawings, while your audience is offline is temporarily saved to their device in a secure location (maintaining its proprietary status). As soon as their internet connection is restored, that data is automatically pushed back up the cloud – no additional steps required.

Mimeo Digital offers a variety of tools to engage your audience in your content. These include table of contents navigation, contextual search, commenting, group notes, highlighting, signatures, and many other tools.

Yes! Customers on our Enterprise Plan can use SSO to log users in to our administrative and/or user library from your internal network.

Our integration manager will meet with your business and technical stakeholders to better understand your needs and map out an integration plan.

For our Standard and Enterprise plans, you have full control over the branding of your end user experience (both app and browser). This includes managing your brand’s logo and colors within our UI template.

If you are redeeming content from a phone or a tablet and currently do not have a Mimeo account, start by downloading our Mimeo Digital App from Apple’s App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, MS Windows 10 Store, or Google Play. From there, you can register for an account. Once created, you can begin to download content at will.

In your account, click the Redeem Key button located on the bottom of your screen. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the alphanumeric code provided to you by your content distributor. Click Add. Once the code is verified, your library will automatically be populated with the requested content.

If your code is denied, please contact your content distributor to verify that the code you received is valid. Also, feel free to use the assist bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen for fast technical assistance.

To take notes on a piece of content, make sure that the file is open and that you are in the secure reader. Once inside, look for the icon tools in the upper right-hand corner. If you hover your cursor over each one, a popup will appear, telling you what the tool does.

After selecting a tool, you will need to select the location in the document where you would like to use it, by clicking on that part of the screen. To view more tools, use the down arrow icon, which will extend the toolbar.

When you archive your content, you’re not deleting it from your Mimeo Digital account. Instead, you are storing it in a separate folder.

If you archive a piece of content that you want to access again, simply click Archive on the left navigation pane. In this screen, you will see all of your archived content (or nothing if you haven’t archived content). You can interact with and view the content like you normally would in your Content Library. To unarchive content, click the content action menu (indicated by 3 small vertically aligned circles) located on the right side of the file name. Now, select Unarchive. Your unarchived content will now reappear in its original library and content category.

Mimeo Digital Admins

Users can upload, manage, and distribute their digital content from Mimeo Digital Command. It can be accessed via,, and

For more information on accessing a Mimeo Digital Command account, contact a Mimeo Digital representative.

Org Manager – Ability to distribute content openly without restrictions, invite other organizational members, assign roles, set permissions, and view all engagement data within the organization. There can be multiple Org Managers within an organization and each has an equal level of access.

Librarian – Ability to upload content, manage it, and distribute from their permissioned categories (set by managers). They do NOT have the ability to add additional admins to the organization. Their visibility of reporting is also limited to permissioned categories.

Files can be uploaded instantly. Simply click the Upload tab on the navigation pane to the left of your screen. From there, you will be prompted to either click on the screen (navigating to your desktop) or drag and drop into the window.

You can upload several files simultaneously. A green checkmark will appear on the thumbnail of each upload. Once the green check mark appears, you can navigate away.

Yes, you can. Within the library, each file has a series of Management Settings associated.

Simply locate the file you are looking to download and click the More button. This will reveal a set of tools that includes the Download option. Once clicked, the original file format will begin downloading to your desktop.

Putting together a distribution is easy. Click “distribute” next to any piece of content, and the distribution settings window will be prompted on your screen. From there, you are able to distribute any piece of content and manage settings regarding this distribution.

We have a variety of security features for your use depending upon the proprietary nature of each piece of your content. For example, Mimeo Digital administrators have the power to set security parameters for each piece of distributed content. Admins can allow or revoke offline access as well as file downloading and printing.

The group notes feature allows all of the members of a given content distribution to see one another’s notes and to post a reply, if desired.

Turning group notes on or off is a tool housed within your distribution settings. Each time you create a new distribution you will be able to manage this tool. (Much like file download, local printing, and expiration dates.)

To turn on or off group notes, simply toggle the Group Notes setting within the distribution window.

Mimeo Digital users can categorize their content using the Categories tool associated with each file.

Each file can be categorized into multiple locations. Once categorized, content will no longer appear in the general library, but rather in those designated categories.

Tools available to you include renaming, downloading the original file, publishing to Marketplace, and more.

A Unique Key can be used by a single audience member. Upon use, it becomes null and void. This prevents the passing on of access to an unauthorized user.

A Shared Key is a single code used by multiple participants/audience members. Once the number of uses on a shared key is reached, this code becomes null and void.

After clicking the Finish button on your distribution window, you will be provided with both a Copy Key and a Copy Link option. Admins can use either option to communicate access to their end users.

The URL for the Mimeo Digital Library is If you have a custom URL, the format will be something like

We suggest that you share the appropriate URL with your audience members or end users and provide them with the code. For first-time Mimeo Digital users, you can use the Copy the link feature, which embeds the code right into the URL – ex.

Note: Please be aware that copying the link only works for first-time users who do NOT already have a Mimeo Digital Library account.

Mimeo Digital has several robust reporting tools available to Mimeo Digital Command Admins. To access this reporting, visit your dashboard from the left hand navigation bar. This is an aggregated look at all of the engagement reporting collected.

Or, for more finite details, visit the Reports tool from your left-hand navigation bar. This opens up reports at the distribution, keys, activity, and notes levels.

Yes. You have the ability to revoke access to a key from any user, at any time.

Yes. Ready to send out version 2.0 of a piece of content? We have a tool for updating content that does not require a redistribution or further action from your end user.

You can edit a distribution by visiting the “distributions” tab under your reporting tools. There are a variety of settings for each distribution, including edit distribution, add keys, and download keys.

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