Iron Mountain Wins Deals with Mimeo


RFPs are a critical part of the sales process for Iron Mountain’s North American Sales Team of 600 Sellers. Deadlines are frequently pushed to the last minute when crafting individualized content for each proposal. Elise Gilbert’s Proposal Services team needed a way to extend the amount of time her team and Sellers had to develop that content.

  • Extend window of time to prepare perfect RFP content
  • Increase team bandwidth to produce more responses


Mimeo’s online platform and overnight delivery capabilities would allow Iron Mountain to deliver RFPs to their destination on time, with the content finalized as late as the night before. The document production and distribution process could now be accomplished in as little as 10 hours, giving that much time back to the Sellers to perfect their materials.


  • Window of time Sellers have to compile RFPs increases by more than 24 hours
  • Increased ability to respond to more RFPs
  • More RFP responses equals more wins

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“I recall submitting a proposal and missed the 10:00pm cut off by 5 minutes. I picked up the phone to Mimeo Customer Care: ‘Oh my gosh, it’s due tomorrow in Alabama at 2:00pm, help!’ Well, it missed the FedEx truck, my fault. But you guys put it in your own truck, drove it to Alabama and delivered the proposal. Mimeo did that, and we won the RFP!” – Elise


Iron Mountain, a Fortune 1000 company, is a storage and information management company, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 36 countries on five continents by storing, protecting and managing their information.

“Extended cutoff times for delivery the next day helps us win deals by allowing us more time to work on the proposals.”- Elise Gilbert, Director, Sales Support Services

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