An On-Demand Printer’s Guide to the Post-Holiday Blues

Many Professionals Suffer From Post-Holiday Blues

After the high of the holidays — a time filled with family, friends and busy yet fun schedules — many people experience post-holiday blues as the slight lull of everyday life settles back in. But returning from employee vacation doesn’t have to be a jolt that throws off your work-life balance. Enjoy a smooth transition back to the office with these tips.

Get Back Into Your Normal Routine Sooner

Vacations and the holidays are often filled with indulgences:  the extra glass (or two) of wine, sleeping in, getting to bed late and other activities that aren’t a part of your normal routine. Get you and your family back into your routine a couple days before returning to work to avoid the shock that comes with jumping back into your normal schedules.

Incorporate Your New Experiences Into Your Daily Life

During vacations, many people discover new things they love. Whether it’s a new style of cooking, a hobby, cultural learning or a language, these things don’t have to stay in the past with our memories. Incorporate them into your life at home by reading a book or taking a class on your new interest.

Start a New Interest Group With Your Coworkers

Re-energize yourself and your team by starting a fun, new and regular group activity at work. This could be a reading club, daily walkers group, weekly new restaurant or potluck group meal. Bonding regularly with coworkers is a great way to recuperate from post-holiday blues, as well as an opportunity to improve your company’s culture.

Schedule Something to Look Forward to With ABC Planning

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean life has to be boring. One technique that can keep things exciting and give you many things to look forward is to use the ABC planning method. Plan enjoyable activities in your immediate, near and far-away future. At any time, be sure you have one of each category on your calendar:

  • A: Small things to look forward to today, like grabbing a cappuccino with a coworker, a call with a good friend or reservations at a new restaurant.
  • B: More substantial plans in the coming week, like a weekend getaway, tickets to a show, or a date night with your partner.
  • C: A large and longer-term activity, usually a getaway like a week-long trip to your next-up destination.

Plan Other Activities to Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues

Start a New Exercise Routine

Exercising is a great way to relieve stress and release positive endorphins and hormones that regulate your mood and ward off unwanted negative emotions. Consider getting some coworkers together for a new workout class that builds corporate culture and relationships while you get a good workout. It’s a fun and healthy way to burn off the few extra pounds you may have collected during the holidays. Tack it onto the beginning or end of your work day so your gym time doesn’t interfere with your work-life balance.

Review Your Professional Goals for the New Year

The new year is a time of excitement and revitalization. As you settle back into the office, take a look at the positive things slated for your next 12 months. Dive into a new skill you’ve been wanting to master or kick-start a new project. Let that excitement carry you through your first couple weeks back at the office. Taking courses to improve job related skills can help strengthen (as well as quicken) your long term goals of career advancement.

Stay Clear of the Toxic Employee (And Don’t Be One Yourself!)

Try These Tips if You Need to Manage Toxic EmployeesUnaccountability. Negative attitudes. Meeting hogs. Freeloaders and hot tempers. Toxic employees and their behaviors bring a lot of hostility into the workplace. Don’t let the post-holiday blues turn you into a toxic employee. Learn how to deal with these 6 types of toxic employees with our guide on how to survive them.

Getting back into the swing of things after a long employee vacation or holiday doesn’t have to be a struggle, as long as you’re intentional about fighting away the post-holiday blues. Try one of these tips and be sure to maintain a healthy work-life balance to ensure your transition back to the office is smooth and effortless.

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