Parker Drilling – Mimeo Case Study


Before Mimeo, Parker Drilling’s Safety Training Team had a time and cost intensive document process, involving pre-printing and warehousing. Turnaround time for the delivery of documents could be as long as 10 days, creating business challenges for Glenn and his team.

  • Non-core document distribution distracted from course development & training
  • Out-of-date materials in classrooms as a result of a pre-print & warehouse model
  • No reporting capabilities on document distribution
  • High fixed costs


Glenn determined transitioning to Mimeo’s on-demand solution would eliminate process bottlenecks, while saving time and money. The Parker Drilling Team would now have access to an updated virtual library for ordering Safety Training documents.


  • Only up-to-date materials are in student hands
  • Turnaround reduced from 10 days to next day
  • Streamlined process & easy ordering
  • Consistent document content & quality at all worldwide locations
  • Reduced overall document & process costs
  • Robust reporting by course, document type & location

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Glenn and the Parker Drilling Team now share their virtual Mimeo library of documents, allowing for up-to-date access to all materials.


Parker Drilling is a pioneer in harsh-environment drilling and provides advanced solutions to the energy industry. Parker Drilling currently employs over 3,000 workers in 14 countries.

“There is no comparison to our previous process. The time savings are astronomical and the cost per document is significantly lower.”- Glenn Jones, Director of Training

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