Motorola Solutions – Mimeo Case Study


The North American Proposal team at Motorola Solutions supports a sales team bidding for government contracts related to radio and communication capabilities. Bids frequently require high quality bound documents to be printed and delivered on tight deadlines. According to Dawn, her team was spending up to 30% of their time “in front of printers”.


“It never seemed like a challenge”, explains Dawn, after finding Mimeo as a partner. Her proposal team was now able to focus more on the proposal at hand, and less on the logistics & printing. On one overwhelmingly large bid, Mimeo even flew to meet Dawn’s team to organize the response and prepare it for final delivery. Motorola Solutions had found a true partner, rather than vendor, that they could rely on as an extension of their own team.

Mimeo replaced a time intensive, internal process with an easy online interface for uploading, building, proofing and ordering of RFPs for delivery as early as the next morning.


  • Quick online ordering by 10pm EST for physical delivery at response location the next morning
  • Critical push of RFP production and delivery met the required proposal deadlines
  • Reporting enables easy cost center allocation across multiple business units

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Even last minute delivery requirements didn’t prove to be a challenge. Mimeo rented a van, forklift, and truck, on the spot, to complete Motorola Solutions largest RFP rollout to date. As Dawn puts it, “If I could start over, Mimeo would have been there from the start.”


Motorola Solutions provides mission-critical communications products and services to public safety and commercial customers globally.

“Before Mimeo, our team stood in front of the printers up to 30% of the time. Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Mimeo gave them back time in their lives.”- Dawn Apple, Senior Manager, North America Proposal Center

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