Marketing Hack: Turn Your Digital Content into Booklets

Printed booklets are an often-forgotten channel, but they will make your content strategy much more effective. Find out how in this blog post.
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Even before “content marketing” became a buzzword, marketing teams have invested a lot of money into developing content that displays their brand’s subject matter expertise. It makes sense, since buyers are hungry for reports, whitepapers, and ebooks that educate them on a product before purchasing. However, too many marketers forget one important channel for distributing content: print.

Learn more in this blog post about why you should be using print, and see our free checklist for converting digital media into printed booklets!

Why You Should Add Print Booklets to Your Content Marketing Mix

overloaded with emails

Consider this: the average professional receives 121 emails per day (that is 1 every 5 minutes).

unread business message

The executives in your buying committee are probably never going to read your carefully-crafted marketing email about that new whitepaper.

multi-channel marketing

It is important to use all available channels to get your brand’s content in the hands of your prospects. Printed booklets are a unique, stand-out addition to the marketing mix.

When to Use Printed Booklets

Because printed booklets are so uncommon now, they can make a difference in many kinds of situations. When delivered by mail, they cut through the noise of a digital inbox. When handed out at a conference, they stand out against a sea of tiny brochures. And when distributed at an office, they change hands from one member of a buying committee to another, spreading your brand message. Here are a few of the best times to use printed booklets.

During Sales Visits
When your sales team schedules an in-person visit with a prospect, they shouldn’t show up empty-handed. Instead, make sure they have your latest report or whitepaper available as a booklet (and don’t forget to arm them with branded SWAG, too!).

After Sales Calls
Booklets are a great follow-up after a mid-stage sales call. Your sales rep can prove they have been listening to the challenges their prospect mentioned and demonstrate how your brand helps, all by mailing your content as a printed booklet. As a bonus, use Variable Data Printing (VDP) to personalize each booklet with your prospects’ names and company.

At Conferences and Events
If you have ever worked your brand’s table at a conference or event, you know you receive multiple kinds of visitors, which means you need multiple kinds of collateral. For someone who has never heard of your brand, hand them a small brochure. However, that same brochure won’t serve a prospect who has had one or two conversations with you before but still hasn’t accepted a sales call. That’s where a booklet addressing their challenges will make a difference.

What You Can Convert Into Booklets

The booklet format is best used to display in-depth content. For example, you may use a booklet to share findings from a survey, or to address how your brand solves a specific challenge faced by your customers. Almost anything that you have prepared as long-form digital text-based content can be printed as a booklet, including:

  • Whitepapers
  • Survey Findings
  • Research Reports
  • Case Study Portfolios
  • Product Catalogs
  • In-Depth Product Guides
  • build a booket with Mimeo

    Checklist: Convert Digital Content Into Printed Booklets

    You don’t need to completely redesign your content in order to make it print-ready. However, there are a few modifications you will need to make to ensure your booklets are high-quality print products. Download our free checklist for easy, step-by-step guidance on converting your digital content to booklets.

    How to Print Booklets with Mimeo

    How to Build a Booklet with Mimeo (Video)
    Get Started Printing Booklets

    Download the checklist now!

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