Mimeo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Mimeo is committed to a sustainable environmental strategy for the twenty-first century.

Helping You Find a More Sustainable Content Strategy

Find the best strategy for your business needs by partnering with Mimeo. Whether you need to reduce your carbon footprint by switching to on-demand digital printing or want to plan your transition to a purely digital environment, Mimeo’s Customer Success Managers will work with you to find the right solution for you.

Transition to On-Demand Digital Print

The first step in reducing your carbon footprint is transitioning to on-demand digital print. Digital printing is more sustainable than the traditional offset printing that is common in most organizations. No Order Minimums Means Zero Waste With on-demand digital printing, you print exactly the quantity you need, which can be as few as 1 copy. Online Proof Means Reduced Waste Our online proofing technology reduces your carbon footprint. No extra paper is consumed printing the sample. No gas is wasted delivering a sample to your office.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Find More Sustainable Print Options

For many organizations, going completely paperless is simply not a reality. We will work with you to find more sustainable options for your print projects. This could mean using recycled paper, tabs, and binders. It could also mean updating your process so that you only need to update the back section of a training manual each year, rather than throwing out the whole book and reprinting annually.Our Customer Success Manager will partner with you to understand your print needs and find the most sustainable option for your business.

Migrate to a Digital Environment

Partner with Mimeo for a project plan to transition from print to digital content. Because our platform includes both print and digital solutions, we are uniquely positioned to help you manage your transition. Our Mimeo Digital solution makes it easy to digitally distribute the same content you print, without sacrificing either security or end-user experience.

Promote Sustainability in Your Organization

We’ll help you find the best materials to support your employee sustainability initiatives. Whether you need responsibly-made water bottles or eco-friendly seed paper, we can help plan campaigns to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.

How Mimeo Commits to Sustainability

Sustainability is as important to us as the quality of our products.
Here’s how we ensure our solutions are sustainable:

Eco-Friendly Production

We lead by example within our industry. We built our flagship Memphis facility for lower waste, lower impact, and higher community value.

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Green Products

We commit to offering green product options:

100% Recycled Paper Stocks
FSC Certified
Available in Text and Card Stock for Letter and A4
Available for Color and Black & White Printing

Recycled Tabs
Made of 30% recycled content
Available in Card Stock or Mylar
Available for Letter and A4

Recycled Binders
Earth-Friendly, Non-PVC Polypropylene binders
100% recycled board
Up to 80% post consumer waste content (PCW)

Energy-Friendly UV Coating
Our UV Coaters require less energy because they don’t require the application of heat for the drying process
They do not contain any petroleum-based coatings

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Eco-Friendly Presses

Our Color Presses are designed to lessen their environmental impact. The mainframes, accessories and replacements parts are all intended to be remanufactured or recycled.

In addition our print presses run with virtually zero emissions, do not use harmful compounds, require no hazardous waste removal, and consume low levels of energy.

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Sustainable Print Supplies

  • The toner on our paper has passed rigorous recycling standards, including European standards
  • We do not use any supplies that include volatile chemicals or toxic fumes
  • We are a Net Zero Emissions manufacturing environment
  • Our production process maximizes the use of “cut sheets” of paper to avoid waste
  • We recycle most equipment components
  • All paper is shredded and recycled

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Mimeo Supplier Certifications

Many of our suppliers are Green Seal Certified or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. This certification provides assurance of social and environmental responsibility.

Our default shipper FedEx, is committed to carbon neutrality in its packaging and shipping policies.


Mimeo Workplace Accountability

Everyone at Mimeo is dedicated to making a difference.

To ensure we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, all Mimeo employees follow these principles:

  • Education – We keep our staff, suppliers, and customers aware of our commitment to environmental accountability – and what they can do to help. We also integrate Green issues into our learning and development programs.
  • Continuous Improvement – Our policies are reviewed annually for compliance and progress. The team uses this information to set new, more aggressive goals for environmental accountability.
  • Recycling – We promote paper recycling in our printing facilities globally.

Ready for sustainable print?

Schedule a consultation to find out how you can manage your print to reduce your carbon footprint.

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