7 Tools for RFP Teams

7 Tools for RFP Teams

Responding to a request for proposal, better known as an RFP, is no easy task. RFP teams can consist of up to 30 members with varying roles and responsibilities. Luckily, we live in the digital age and while RFPs do require some legwork and fine attention to detail, there are a handful of tools that can simplify the process. From sites dedicated to speeding up RFP creation to internal resource consolidation, there is help out there if you know where to look. Here are 7 impressive tools for RFP teams to keep an eye on.

1. NM Quote: Looking for a quote and a proposal at the same time? Look no further than NM Quote. The company boasts an easily accessible and web-based product. The site allows for collaborative effort by your team, providing simple access for edits. The proposal templates are easily customized to fit your brand, with color scheme and tagline options. The best feature, however, is the site’s ability to save your RFP team time. The software provides the capability to quickly generate quotes regardless of complex factors. For teams on a time crunch that are looking for a custom-designed product, NM Quote is a great tool.

2. RFP 360: Unlike, NM Quote, RFP360 sports an online library of pre-approved templates. This can help expedite the RFP creation process. The company website notes that these templates can help avoid conflicting versions. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this site is the ability to reuse past proposals. RFP360 allows your team to search through past documents and reuse them at your own discretion. RFP360 also provides users with 24/7 access to their content from anywhere in the world, at any time. This can allow for last-minute changes and larger group collaborations.

Request for Proposal

In a time crunch? Use these tools to help speed up the RFP process.
3. Plus23: Time is the name of the game when it comes to Plus23. The website provides the ability to help teams create proposals in a matter of minutes. The site allows the use of images and a range of formatting styles. While it appears that the customization process is limited compared to other options, the turnaround time is hard to beat. Time aside, what’s the result? Well, according to Docurated, in a mere 15 minutes your team can obtain a project proposal that is truly “stunning.”The site also lets users store all of their relevant proposal information in one convenient place for maximum organization.
4. GLOBAL KAP: This site is a useful tool due to its ability to incorporate key products into your team’s proposal. GLOBAL KAP boasts sales force automation along with a bid proposal generation feature. The software is intuitive and can help integrate key materials, contracts and pricing quotes into your document. The site claims to provide companies with a 25-50 percent increase in productivity as an outcome of using their proposal tools.
5. Loopio: Loopio features three main advantages: accessibility, accuracy and acceleration. This site can help team members centralize their data to optimize accessibility, as well as connect sales reps with subject matter experts regarding proposal topics. Loopio also aids companies in keeping their messages accurate and consistent across content platforms. Finally, Loopio’s acceleration covers the speed of RFP creation. The time saved can increase the volume of RFPs a team can produce.
6. Qvidian: Qvidian can help RFP teams personalize proposals and align internal resources to help increase profits and cut costs. These two capabilities are very helpful tools for any team. Personalized content can give your proposals a special touch – potentially increasing your chances of closing the sale. Additionally, Qvidian can aid in the organization of resources to help your team efficiently communicate the full value of your product or services.
7. Mimeo: It’s 9 pm and you’ve only just finished your content. You still need to submit a hard copy RFP before calling it a day. Mimeo’s allows you to upload your content as late as 10 pm EST for delivery to any destination as early as 8:30 the next morning. In ten minutes you can upload, build and proof your proposals. Mimeo partners with proposal teams as the final leg for logistics around printing and distributing critical proposal and RFP documents in hard copy. RFP teams can use Mimeo to buy more time, hit deadlines, and increase win rates. What more could you ask for?


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