How Training Teams Use Learning Technology

Learning Tech Use - Featured ImageLearning technology is nearly ubiquitous. In our State of L&D 2017 report with InSync Training, over 94% of respondents reporting some use of learning tech. Taking into consideration the lack of time and personnel in the training world, it only makes sense that L&D teams would leverage technology to more smoothly administer training.

As part of our survey, we investigated how training teams use their technology to enhance learning.

Whereas in 2016, teams most commonly used their technology as a content library, this year the top uses lined up differently. The top 5 uses for learning technology in 2016 all facilitate the logistics and mechanics of courses: assessment, program delivery, program design, testing, and setting up a course module.


While this was largely the same across industries, government teams reported program delivery as their number one use; non-profit and retail trade teams use their tech primarily for program design; and corporate training teams ranked setting up a course module in their top four uses.


learning tech use by industry

Meanwhile, teams from different company sizes leverage their learning technology differently. Teams under 100 employees use their tech first and foremost for program design and are also more likely to report that they don’t use any learning technology.


learning tech use company size

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