3 Team-Building Activities Your Workplace Will Love

Summer Internby Deborah Lalehzar, Content Intern

It’s no secret that a team that works well together is more effective, productive, and successful — not to mention happier and more fun to work with. But team building at work can be hard, especially when typical team building activities often induce more eye rolls among teammates than high-fives. With the right planning and activities, however, workplace team building can provide a great impact on your workplace.

Here are 3 examples of activities that will make the most out of your team-building experience!

Escape the Room

Imagine this: You and your colleagues are locked in a room facing impending doom with only 60 minutes to escape. To successfully make it out in time, you must work together to solve the various puzzles and clues throughout the room. Are you up for the challenge?

Escape the Room activities are great team building exercises. They are a great way to create laughter and fun while also giving companies the opportunity to develop team bonding.

High pressure scenarios like Escape the Room will also enhance employees’ skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, and logic. You won’t escape unless you share information with others and effectively communicate it with the team.

Escape the Room games also exercise the team’s creativity and ability to think outside the box. This is a scenario where you will want to speak your mind and suggest ideas to your teammates.

Room Escape Adventures claims that 70 percent of the teams unable to escape don’t come up with enough leaders in their group. Effective leaders are able to suggest concepts, decide on paths to follow, or push the group toward a shared outcome, which are all easily translated into an office space.

Office team building activities

Corporate Family Feud

It’s the same Family Feud that we all know and love, except with a corporate style twist. Here are some tips to make get the most out of your team bonding game!

1. Survey the office

Have a survey done throughout the office of funny and relatable prompts like these:

  • Name how many cups of coffee the average employee drinks in a day.
  • Name the most common stain in your office’s microwave.
  • Name the office supply that your colleague is most likely to steal from your desk.
  • Name the word most often misspelled in emails.

Once you’ve gathered the votes, choose the top 4-5 answers for each question.

Mix in some fun and creative survey questions as well to create laughter and enjoyment across the office!

2. Pick a great host

The host will be asking the questions and taking down the score, so make sure to choose your host carefully – someone with an awesome and funny personality will set the mood for some entertaining fun.

3. Play the game!

Split your employees into two teams and start asking away! Allow each team to collaborate on their answers to encourage communication. The questions may also break the ice between co-workers as they discuss amongst themselves.

The Perfect Product Pitch

In this game, employees will have to get their creative juices flowing to beat out the competition. After dividing the employees into equal groups, give each team a handful of random and ordinary supplies from around the office. This may include paper clips, a tissue box, stapler, headphones, tape etc.

The goal of the game is to use all of the items in the pile to create one new product. The creation must have a purpose and role in the market as well because after time is up, the team must pitch their product to a panel of judges. Judges then will decide which team product is the winner.

What this activity accomplishes is adding an element of fun to team problem solving, creativity, and communication. The product pitch also brings in the element of business and marketing to the game, testing out employees’ skills in the process.

About Deborah:  Deborah Lalehzar is Mimeo’s summer content intern. In addition to her passion for marketing, she loves to travel and create art.


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