7 Tips to Stay Motivated at Work During the Holiday Season

'Tis the season to remain motivated at workThe holiday season is here! That means parties, shopping, hosting, planning, and traveling. Throw work into the mix, and you may find it difficult to keep on task in the workplace. Here are a few ways to stay focused and on task during the chaotic holiday season:

1. Plan Days Off

If you’re fortunate enough to have some vacation days off from work then this is the best time to do it! Whether you plan to go away with your family or stay at home during the holidays, a couple of days off from work will do you some good. Spend your time on break relaxing so that you will feel refreshed and productive when you return to work.

2. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking never works out, so try to avoid it at all costs, especially during the holidays. Work on one project at a time, and if you find yourself swamped with too many tasks at once, ask for assistance from a supervisor. It’s also a good idea to avoid working on personal and work-related tasks at the same time. It may be tempting to shop for holiday gifts online while listening in on a conference call, but could also be disastrous to your productivity.

3. Don’t Take Your Work Home

Although it’s very easy to say, “if I don’t finish this at work today I can finish it up at home,” it’s important to realize home time is special, especially during the holiday season. Try to set clear and reasonable goals for tasks that need to be accomplished at the office and commit to a break from work once you leave. The idea is to stay motivated to finish tasks on time and maintain productivity before you leave work for the day.

4. Avoid Workplace Distractions

With all of the holiday glitz and glam in the air, people in the office are going to want to distract themselves in any way they can. Playing on phones, chatting with coworkers, and shopping online are just a few ways that distractions arise at work. At the end of the day, you need to remind yourself you have tasks that need to get done. Read this article to learn more about common workplace distractions and how to overcome them.

5. Take Care of Yourself Physically

Make sure to exercise and sleep more while watching what you drink and eat. A healthier mind and body is the perfect combination for productivity.

6. Plan Your Schedule and Prioritize

Planning is key during the holiday season. With so much going on, it’s easy to forget to do something. Keep a running list of tasks you need to complete and keep in mind which tasks take priority over others.

7. Stay in the Holiday Spirit

Perfect motivation to stay on task is to remember what the holidays are all about. Think about the happiness and joy that will come once you finish all of your tasks at work. With the thought of family and celebration right around the corner, you should be motivated to finish up all work you have to do beforehand.

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