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Keep your clinical trials going

Global Print on Demand to Support Documentation throughout every trial phase. Mimeo partners with leading CROs, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Device Manufacturers.

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Last Minute Revisions for FDA Compliance

From Protocol Amendments to SAE (Serious Adverse Events) altering your documentation, Mimeo will deliver your content anywhere in the world.

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Strengthening Sponsor Partnerships

Mimeo ensures that all parameters are met beginning with initial document output for Clinical Trials.

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Investigator Meeting Success

Our platform enables investigator meetings to run smoothly with the latest protocols and investigator binders printed and ready to hand out.

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FDA Ready & Faster to Market

Need site-specific documentation for pharmaceutical or medical device trials? Mimeo ensures the successful delivery of documentation to the appropriate site, all through one intuitive platform.

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Deliver Globally

Distribute high-quality training documents globally. Track orders in real time with Mimeo Tracking.

We have your clinical trial materials covered–from start to finish

Mimeo’s on-demand print platform can help trial locations quickly and easily access the documents they need to keep running. We provide CRO professionals with a variety of reliable document distribution options.

  • Regulatory and ISF Binders
  • Study Reference Manuals
  • Source Doc Binders
  • Pharmacy Binders
  • Mini Protocols
  • Investigator Brochures
  • Laboratory/ Training Manuals
  • 2 and 3-Part NCR Forms
  • Recruitment Materials
  • Patient Diaries
  • Inclusion / Exclusion Cards
  • Patient ID Cards

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Our Capabilities

Turn times

Flexible Turn Times

Our global production facilities are strategically located adjacent to major logistics hubs, providing industry leading turn times, as early as next day delivery.

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Color Coding

Effortlessly color code documents, such as covers, binder spines, and more to correspond to trial phases in our real time document builder and proofer.

High Quality Print

Consistent, High Quality

Our online proofing tool enables you to view your documents exactly as they will be printed. What you see is what you get. Our proprietary print & quality control processes ensure we deliver the highest quality, with a 99.7% error free rate.

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Minimize Waste Through On-Demand Model

Order only the amount you need when you need it–including mini protocols for short runs. Eliminate waste. Convert from fixed to variable costs and reduce warehousing. Our state of the art technology provides a true on-demand model.

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Robust Reporting and Tracking

See who ordered what and when. Mimeo’s robust reporting provides insight into your print orders in real-time and historically. With Mimeo Tracking, you can ensure delivery confirmation (and signature, if required) to all CRO site locations.

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Easy Collaboration

Collaboration is seamless, saving hours or even days in the approval process. Set permissions and even share documents, files, or folders, all within Mimeo’s platform.

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On-Demand, Real Time Pricing

Supply your recipients with only the most up-to-date documentation. Eliminate waste and obsolescence.

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Seamless Implementation & Onboarding

Our intuitive platform, in combination with implementation and training specialists, enables CROs to get up and running quickly to simplify your documentation processes.

Mimeo Print In Action

For you, speed to market is crucial, you need a print provider whose mission is to provide the fastest, most reliable print. That’s why CRO professionals trust Mimeo. We give you the ability to print and distribute clinical documents with ease! With our on-demand print model, you can print what you need in minutes and rest easy, knowing you’ll have more time to focus on your work.

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