Your Guide to Booklet Printing

Here’s everything you need to know about when to use booklets and how to print them. Discover page count requirements, folding and binding information, and questions you should always ask your vendors.

There is one important piece missing from most marketing collateral portfolios: the booklet. While the rack card is perfect for short attention spans and brochures are popular at conferences, the booklet is a game-changer for sharing information that will close the deal. Read on for what a booklet is, when you should use them, and how to print your booklets.

What is a Booklet?

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A booklet is a bound document that can be anywhere from 4 to 40 pages. A booklet is exactly what it sounds like: a little book.

present complex with booklets

Most people use booklets to convey more complex topics, without overwhelming their audience.

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You can print a booklet from your own personal printer or use a commercial printer to print and bind it for you.

How to Use Booklets for Marketing

Booklets are an important part of your physical marketing mix. They are your chance to present brand information in more detail. Some of the most effective marketing booklets include product catalogs, case study portfolios, and white papers. In the world of digital media, a physical booklet stands out against all the downloadable ebooks.

Product catalogs
Booklets are the perfect format for showcasing your brand’s products. Be sure to include photographs, descriptions, and information on how your customers can order them.
Case study portfolios
One of the most effective tools for closing large deals is sharing case studies of how you have helped similar customers. To stand out from your competition, present a portfolio of relevant case studies in a glossy booklet.
Booklets were born for whitepapers, reports, and other in-depth brand stories. You can take as many pages as you need to establish your brand’s thought leadership.

How to Print a Booklet

Booklets are easy to print, depending on how you choose to go about it. Technically, you can print booklets on your personal printers, and then fold and staple them manually. However, if you are using the booklet to represent your brand, a commercial printer is the better choice in order to guarantee quality color, cropping, binding, and shipping.

Watch this short video to see how to print a booklet with Mimeo.

Step-by-Step Guide for Printing a Booklet

Follow these easy steps to create and print a booklet. We guide you through choosing a binding type, ensuring that your print vendor matches your brand colors and meets your deadline, and more.

File Type
Your first step is to save your booklet design as a PDF. (If you’re in Microsoft Word, that is as simple as “Save As” and change the file type.) When using an online printer (like Mimeo), you’ll be able to upload your PDF directly and build your booklet. Other printers may require you to email the PDF to their production team.
Binding Options
Next, you’ll want to choose your binding type. Most booklets are saddle-stitch, which means your content is printed on full sheets, folded, and stapled into the final size. You may prefer to use perfect-binding (which, by gluing the pages together, is more similar to a traditional book) or go out of the box with spiral or 3-ring binding.
Color Standards
When selecting a print vendor for your booklet, be sure to ask about color standards. For example, the Mimeo presses are calibrated every hour and can be custom-calibrated to match your brand pantone colors.
Turnaround Time
Finally, make sure to ask your vendor about turnaround time. Some printers will need several days to produce your booklets, while others (like Mimeo) can turn it around overnight.

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