State of Learning and Development 2019

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“It is a competitive talent landscape- in order to attract and retain good people, companies need to have solid L&D programs in place.”

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  • What does the average training team look like?
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  • How do training teams measure their success?
  • How do training professionals stay up-to-date?
  • What will be the next big trend in learning and development?
  • What has technology not yet solved for you?

“As learning professionals, we need to do a better job of demonstrating our worth to the business by speaking their language and becoming a business partner rather than an order taker.”

Blended Content is catching up to support Blended Learning

Blended learning is a reality for trainers. Blended content - providing content in both print and digital format - is increasingly a priority to support this.

Q. How much of your training content do you provide in both print and digital format (%)?

“The ability for personalization of learning for employees is changing the way companies develop, organize and deploy their learning content.”

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Virtual and Augmented Reality are on the rise

Virtual and augmented reality are no longer a futuristic dream.  Nearly a quarter of training professionals plan to implement virtual or augemented reality in the next 2 years:

Q. Do you plan to implement VR/AR?

“Corporate learning should be geared up for the plethora of initiatives that challenge technical minds and the opportunity to work with new age technologies.”

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Speaking of tech, we heard from 500+ training professionals, and the bulk answered from a PC or laptop:

“You must bring a passion for training and developing people. You must believe that you will have success doing so.”

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  • What other training teams look like
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