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Empower your audience to never stop learning. Create and deliver enticing content that makes an impact on your learners.

Educational Print Solutions

You are essential to growing your company’s employees. Stay focused on your role, developing and shaping the L&D strategy. Mimeo has your content distribution covered. 

A Convenient Solution

Mimeo makes education easier. We handle all of the logistics of distributing your materials, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Using our print platform, you can build, share, order, and deliver your L&D content, all in one place.

Upload, Proof, and Distribute L&D Materials
Upload your file as late as 10 PM for next-day delivery. Easily proof using our online tool. Ship to multiple recipients in just a few clicks.
Build and Share Files With Others
Customize, then securely share your L&D materials with learners and team members. Instantly set permissions, sharing capabilities, and restrictions. 
Print On-Demand 
Only print learning materials when you need them. Never have to order in bulk again. Mimeo’s on-demand platform puts your print in your hands.
Follow Your Content’s Journey
See how learners interact with your digital content. Determine what aspects are effective and what could be improved. Demonstrate engagement through analytics and reporting.

Solutions for a Blended Classroom

Empower your learners with more than just print or digital materials alone. Create an educational experience by combining print and digital into blended learning. Mimeo specializes in providing blended learning solutions for the classroom. Through our print and digital applications, L&D professionals have multiple ways to maiximize the effectiveness of their training. Offer a virtual presentation with handouts or a video with a workbook. The possibilities are wide-ranging.

Print for Training

How Mimeo Gave Illume Training Their Time Back

See how switching to Mimeo helped CIO/Chief Trainer Silas Carson get his and his team’s time back. They now have their own content library and complete document control, and they feel secure with Mimeo as their partner.

Create a Custom Educational Storefront

Use the Mimeo Marketplace application to build your own company storefront in minutes. Think of your storefront as a document library, where you store and maintain your learning materials. You’ll have complete control over who can and cannot see your materials, as well as sharing permissions. You can even view reporting on who is accessing each of your documents, so you can control costs and limit orders.

Publish L&D documents to your secure branded storefront for your employees to access.
Ease the logistics of reaching all of your learners. L&D instructors and facilitators can order published materials from your self-service storefront.
Ensure that your employees have access to the most up-to-date content, wherever they are.
Increase company pride and boost employ morale. Add company-branded SWAG to your storefront. From t-shirts to waterbottles to totes, employees can order what they want, when they want.
Know that there’s no set up fee for your storefront. No long-term commitment. You can have as many storefronts as you want for no additional cost.

Mimeo Branded Storefront

Start a self-service Marketplace storefront in minutes. Upload and maintain all of your training materials in your own content portal. Make it simple for learners to access your educational documents, such as handouts, manuals, and workshop materials.

Mimeo Digital Solution

Mimeo Digital allows you to securely distribute educational materials. Send in any format, from PDF to video to workbook, to any device, anywhere in the world. Control who can access and share your content. Even encourage engagement with collaboration tools.

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