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Oil and Gas Industry Printing Online

In the oil and gas industry, everything moves fast, from new developments to improved processes. We think your print should be the same way–fast and efficient. That’s why Mimeo offers an innovative, on-demand print platform for oil and gas professionals, allowing you to focus on your industry, not on your print.

One Solution, Three Platforms

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Mimeo On-Demand Print Solution

Mimeo Print empowers oil and gas professionals to take control of their print. It couldn’t be easier to print documents, in any quantity (large to small orders), any time. Distribute to any destination in the world as soon as tomorrow morning. Track up to 500 packages on one screen, without manually checking tracking numbers. Save shipped documents to your own personal file library for future use.

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Mimeo Marketplace

Create your own company storefront in minutes. Securely house important business documents, such as company policies, safety procedures, and training manuals, as well as marketing materials. Allow your team and external partners to access the documents whenever they want, all in one place. The possibilities with Marketplace are nearly endless, since you can customize document elements, like text and images, using VDP.

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Mimeo Digital

Our Digital platform makes secure digital document sharing possible. Host, distribute, and update technical training in a presentation, video, or PDF. Control permissions and sharing capabilities. Even enable learners to engage with the documents and each other through interactive tools. And, perhaps the best part, Mimeo Digital lets you deliver materials to any device, anywhere. It’s spot-on with the oil and gas industry’s commitment to innovation.

Technical Training Print Solution

Providing your team with ongoing training is imperative in the oil and gas field. Not only do employees need to stay on top of industry trends, they need training on technical and safety procedures. Research has shown that they will feel more valued by their organization in the process. We offer a wide selection of training formats to meet your goals.
This is just a sample of our oil and gas print solutions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re always available to talk and brainstorm ideas. Set up a call with one of our expert team members 24/7.

Health, safety, and environmental manuals
Industrial processing manuals
Instrumentation and control manuals
Drilling technology guides
Maintenance guides
Job aides and certifications

Better Marketing Materials

Mimeo specializes in printing marketing materials for the oil and gas industry, such as brochures, flyers, and booklets. And, we must say that, when they’re up and running again, conferences and trade shows are the go-to setting for this industry. This is the perfect opportunity to mingle, exchange business cards, and market your business. We’re ready to revamp your marketing materials for upcoming trade shows, and, in the meantime, to raise brand awareness.
Mimeo’s marketing solutions empower you to:

Significantly Increase Win Rates
Lower Client Acquisition Costs
Enjoy Substantial Time Savings
Deliver Faster
Improve Brand Awareness
Streamline Your Overall Print Marketing

Superstar’s Guide to Marketing Collateral

Watch this short video for tips and tricks on creating amazing marketing materials. Seamlessly develop flyers, brochures, catalogs, and posters that win business. Mimeo Print ensures that your marketing collateral pops, every time.

How to Use Special Instructions

Did you know that Mimeo lets you customize documents with thousands of special instructions? Enlarge covers to perfectly fit binders. Apply gloss to covers. Add a clear plastic back. Use the last page of a document as the spine. The list of options goes on and on! Check out this video to see how it works.

Investor Relations Simplified

We understand how important it is to keep stockholders informed about the state of your business. Plus, you want to put more information out there for potential investors. Now is your oil and gas business’ time to shine, with a little help from Mimeo.

Make a Great First Impression
Create a pitch deck that’s eye-catching and unique. Our presentation printing solution gives you the freedom to develop slides that stand from the rest. In fact, we offer over 5,000 special instructions to customize your presentations.
Stay Within Your Budget
Mimeo has document options for every budget. Choose from premium, top-quality paper, economy paper, or something in between. Finish your presentation or report off with binding, covers, and tabs. Whatever your preference, we’ll accommodate.
Nurture Investor Relations
Easily send your investors regular performance updates and financial statements. Include them in your business’ development strategy. You can build and ship all of your investor communications in just a few clicks. Ship to multiple addresses at once.

Mimeo Branded Storefront

Create a self-service Marketplace storefront in minutes. Add and maintain all of your training and sales materials in your own document portal. Make it simple for partners and sales teams to access must-have materials immediately. You can even sell company-branded SWAG, such as t-shirts and tote bags.

Mimeo Print Solution

Our Mimeo Print platform is like no other. Simply upload your files and select your document type, from training materials to marketing brochures to product catalogs. Build your document, customize, proof, and ship to any destination in the world with just a few clicks.

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