Online Printing for Manufacturers 

Simplify distributing complex technical documents with an easy-to-use print to ship platform. 

On-Demand Manufacturing Print Solution

Streamlining and efficiencies. That’s what our manufacturing print solution is all about. Our on-demand print model gives your company time and cost savings from the start. Count on us to help you efficiently provide essential product support to your global partner network.

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Print On-Demand

True on-demand ordering allows you to disperse the most relevant documentation to customers and partners. Have documents delivered as early as the next morning.

Customer Services

Support Large Selling Teams

Our scalable content distribution solution supports the selling efforts of a diverse group. They have access to one network with a centralized location for all sales collateral.

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Measure Marketing Impact

Gain insight into which marketing materials are used and by which dealer networks and individual salespeople. 

Experience You Can Trust

Mimeo has over 2 decades of experience in streamlining the way manufacturers produce and distribute printed materials. We know how to replace manual processes with an on-demand print model that significantly increases efficiency. In fact, a Fortune 100 Industrial Company reported that switching to Mimeo gave them back $875,00 in soft costs alone.
Thousands of manufacturers continue to rely on Mimeo. 98% of manufacturing customers over the past decade are still active customers today. We greatly appreciate this loyalty and attribute it to our exceptional manufacturing print services and world-class customer care.

The most intuitive yet powerful content distribution solution in the marketplace
Global delivery of client materials: we’ve shipped millions of documents to over 140 countries
Fastest turnaround time in the industry, specializing in last-minute print jobs
Leading 99.7% error-free production rate
Outstanding Sales and Account Services teams and 24/7 Customer Care team
Cutting-edge print production facilities and highest quality documents

A Perfect Combination for Manufacturers

We understand how to overcome impediments to efficient, consistent manufacturing printing and content delivery. Mimeo’s Print and Marketplace platforms solve the challenges that you regularly encounter.

Pre-printing documents and marketing materials and paying expensive warehousing fees
Long publication cycles and time to market
Too much printing equipment in offices and production facilities
Maintaining brand consistency amidst a large network of partners
Ensuring document security and managing accessibility

Training and Technical Publications

Gain a competitive edge. Provide better partner and network support.

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Product Line Training

Customers must have customized, immediate and ongoing training documentation. Our on-demand print platform lets you create as many product-specific versions of documentation as you need, when you need them.

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Incorporate Product Variations

Tailor each customer’s owner manual to match the unique options selected. We enable you to organize and update master documents with sub-section changes.

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Self-Service Ordering

Start and maintain your own branded content portal in Marketplace. Make it easy for customers and partners to order relevant, current training materials on-demand.

Mimeo next day delivery

Distribution and Logistics 

Manage and distribute content to training and product support channels globally. Use Mimeo Print and Marketplace for a go-to distribution solution.

Complex document printing

Easily Update Manuals

Ensure that operations and service manuals are up-to-date. Enable your team members to collaborate on updating training content.

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Control Spend Management

Specify ordering limits, budgets, shipping methods, account credit, and more. Manufacturers have complete control over every order, from manuals to sales literature to master documents to catalogs.

Better Channel Support Marketing

Seamlessly empower your channel marketing with on-brand, company-approved sales materials. Build a Marketplace storefront where you house all of your sales materials. Give diverse groups of sellers 24/7 access to order any sales collateral they want. Then, say goodbye to traditional, high-cost warehousing. All you have to do is make sure that your materials are current. Mimeo takes care of the behind-the-scenes details, like payment processing and document distribution.

Publish a Document to Marketplace

Start building your own company-branded Marketplace storefront. It couldn’t be easier to upload training manuals, sales literature, and marketing materials. Allow for an extensive selection of customizations via variable data printing, like contact information, images, and colors. Watch this video to see how it works.

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Mimeo Branded Storefront

Create a self-service Marketplace storefront in minutes. Upload and maintain all of your training and sales materials in your own content portal. Make it simple for partners and sales teams to access must-have documents immediately.

Mimeo Print Solution

Our Mimeo Print platform is like no other. Simply upload your files and select your document type, from training materials to marketing brochures to product catalogs. Build your document, customize, proof, and ship to any destination with just a few clicks.

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