5 Tips For Finding and Training The Best Talent For Startups

Robert Morris

Written by Robert Morris

There once was a Dilbert (by Scott Adams) comic strip about startups where the boss bought a startup company solely for their engineers. But he soon had to find a way of making back a million dollars per startup employee. Perhaps there are easier ways of finding staff members for your startup.

Here are five tips that will help you without using temp agencies or consultancies. These tips will help give you meaningful long term results.

1 – Openness, Freedom, and Being A Vital Member

Being involved in a startup company can bring you feelings of openness and freedom, as well as the satisfaction of being a vital member of the team. These are fantastic selling points for working with a startup company. Startups may not be able to offer you the biggest wages, but if you are willing to work side-by-side with your employees, you may have an easier time attracting new talent.

Working with a startup can be a perk in itself, but here are 13 other perks that come with working for a startup.

  • More decision-making opportunity
  • Grow with the company
  • Get the most out of limited resources
  • Have a real impact on the health of a company
  • Extra appreciation from a small team
  • A family and friends atmosphere
  • More control over your working role
  • The freedom to leave if other job offers come along
  • Often a more flexible workplace
  • Possible stock options and room to grow
  • Interesting challenges
  • Have a voice in the company
  • Possible profit sharing

2 – What First Attracted You To The Idea

If you are willing to allow new employees to become an integral part of your business, then consider what first attracted you to the “idea” your business holds dearest. Did you have a goal of creating the world’s most energy efficient boat? If so, can you use that same hook to grab other people’s attention? You may even be able to pull in some more experienced talent if they believe in the cause more than they believe in a higher wage.

3 – Explain How Your New Employee’s Wage Is Linked To Company Success

If you can’t offer the best wages because your business is on the smaller side, then consider offering a scalable wage. You can offer your employees a set wage and then a percentage of the profits.

You can also encourage your new employees by showing them how much they can be earning once your startup is up and running. It may not look good at first, but you can emphasize how your new employee’s loyalty and hard work will pay off over time. There are many who believe that a commission or profit-linked wage is the best type of incentive some employees can have.

Best Startup Talent Recruiting Tips4 – Hire As A Part Timer And Move Them Up

If you cannot afford to hire expensive staff members quite yet, then consider hiring good talent on a part-time basis. There are plenty of experienced and valuable single parents who cannot work full-time, but will happily work part time.

It will cost you a pretty penny, but the value they add will make up for it. Plus, you can always sign these employees up for a full-time job when your startup company takes off. Writing companies do this all the time, hiring part-timers and then waiting for them to start asking for full-time wages before they negotiate a salary.

5 – Consider Each Staff Member’s Motivation

It’s not just about money. It is true that people go to work to support their livelihood, but that’s not the only reason why your employees may have chosen the jobs you have to offer. There can be plenty of reasons why your employees work for you and may continue to work for you.

  •    They may be looking for a role where he or she feels valued
  •     He or she feels comfortable with in that position
  •    Any alternatives may be far worse
  •    It may be a stepping-stone towards a different role or job
  •    There may be better culture life at your startup

Address some of these points when you are recruiting. Make it clear that you are very open to staff members talking to each other during work, and they are encouraged to mingle at lunch times. Explain any advancement opportunities and what is required for each. In addition, consider the reasons why staff members misbehave and try to address those too if needed.

It has nothing to do with where you look

Convincing people to work for you may be the hardest part about your startup. You can’t buy their services for the best prices, so you have to find other ways of drawing people in and the five tips listed above will allow you to do just that.

About the author: Robert Morris is a marketing manager from New York. He now works freelance and writes articles on digital marketing, SEO, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow Robert on Google+.

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