5 Tips for Relocating for Work

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Companies now more than ever are expanding both locally and internationally. Within the next two years, it will be highly likely that many employees will be thinking about taking their next career move farther from home. Moving to a new city or an entirely new country can seem like a daunting task, but here are five ways that you can keep your nerves settled and prepare for the move.

1. Sort Your Clothes

Clothes will likely take up most of the space in your boxes in suitcases, so it’s important to sort them first! Anything that you didn’t wear within the past month you should put in a donate pile. If you haven’t worn it recently, you won’t! It is better to have to purchase clothing where you will be living than to pack too much. Shipping can be costly (especially if you are making an international move) so it’s best to pack light! In fact, most people spend about $12,000 shipping everything when they make a move. Keep costs down by taking this vital step first!

2. Footwear

You’re going to need something on your feet, and shoes can take up even more space than clothes can. It’s important to research before you move to make sure that you’ll be able to accommodate yourself when you move. For example, I moved to South Korea and found out after the fact that my shoe size (women’s 8) was most often the largest size available. For many of my coworkers, they were forced to order footwear internationally, which is usually very expensive.

3. Seasonal Clothing

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A great way to save space is to pack clothing that you will need for the current season. Things like winter jackets and boots can take up a lot of 

space, so it’s important only to bring what is necessary. Save space by bringing only two or three versatile pairs of shoes and one jacket! Chances are you’ll be able to find what you need once you move, and it may even be cheaper in your new area!

4. Pack Early

Employees typically have about two weeks to accept a transfer offer and upwards of five weeks to make the move. It’s important to start packing as soon as you can so you have time to think about what you’re bringing and make sure you don’t forget anything crucial.  No one wants to be rushed, and you especially don’t want to be rushed when making such an important decision. Take your time and make sure you go through what you’re thinking of bringing.

Japanese Woman at a Temple5. Be Ready For an Adventure!

The most important thing you can’t pack is your excitement! No matter if you’re moving an hour away or to a whole different country, you should be excited! This is a new chapter of your life and a chance to start fresh with an entirely different area. Enjoy it!

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