Seamless Retail Support

Empower your team with self-service retail printing online. Provide them with on-demand sales, marketing, and training materials.

Multiple Documents & Retail Stores, One Solution

We understand that you have your hands full. Our on-demand print platform makes supporting your retail locations easier. Distribute training documents, signage, and sales and marketing materials online, almost instantly.

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Print On-Demand

Only print the number of materials you need. No more bulk printing requirements and wasted money and storage space. Our online platform gives you the control to order exactly what you want, any time.

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Securely Share Documents

We take retail stores’ document security seriously. That’s why we offer the most secure way possible to share your documents digitally. We use the same technology controls as financial institutions.

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Distribute With One Click

Deliver your print materials to store locations throughout the world. With just one click, you can ship and track up to 500 packages. You have complete visibility without having to manually check tracking numbers.


Create a Self-Service Storefront

One of our most unique and time-saving solutions is Mimeo Marketplace. Using this platform, you can build your own company-branded storefront in minutes. Upload all of your in-store sales flyers and marketing materials, from direct mail to banners. Also add employee training documents, like policy and procedure manuals, as well as new hire forms and benefits guides. 

Maintain your own document library across your stores. Organize by store location or division. 
Empower retail managers to order the most up-to-date, approved content. You control who has access to each and every document.
Allow flexible content and material distribution options. View, print, download, or deliver digitally.
Boost company morale with SWAG. Give retail teams the opportunity to order company-branded SWAG. Fill your storefront with tons of options, like t-shirts, water bottles, and tote bags.

Retail Training Made Easy

Would you like to build a smarter workforce? Mimeo makes training simpler, starting with the first day of employment.

Design a training and learning journey, all through one platform.
Begin by distributing new hire paperwork, policies and procedures, and other onboarding documents.
Upload and make materials available to every store location instantly.
Truly engage your employees by training with a mix of print and digital content. Mimeo supports blended training with Mimeo Print, Mimeo Digital, and Mimeo Marketplace. 
Improve collaboration through interactive content tools. Enable group notes, discussions, and highlighting and drawing capabilities.


Get More From Your Marketing Materials

Almost every retailer out there is in consumers’ faces via social media and email. Break through the spam barrier and consider direct mail marketing. With direct mail, you’ll stand out from the competition. Plus, 98% of consumers look through their mail the day it’s delivered. So, you’ll literally get your marketing in the hands of potential customers. Mimeo has over 20 years of experience with direct mail marketing. We have the expertise to help you create and ship direct mail pieces that pop. You’ll stay within your budget, since direct mail is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics.

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Retail Print Solutions

Our retail print solutions are extensive. And we’re always ready to brainstorm ideas to help your stores succeed. We specialize in creating marketing and training materials that make an impact. Print high-quality materials in a variety of formats, including:

Sales Flyers
Brochures and Postcards
Banners and Window Clings
Social Distancing Floor Clings
Signs and Posters
Product Catalogs

Direct Mail Ideas for Retailers

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A tried and true retail marketing option, postcards allow you to catch customers’ attention with a brief, to-the-point message. Offer a promo code or coupon and announce new sales, all to entice customers to shop in-store or online.

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Who doesn’t love receiving sales flyers from retailers? Give your audience product-by-product images, special pricing, and descriptions. And, of course, create a sense of urgency with sale start and ending dates.

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Spread the word about your retail business. Brochures are a cost-effective yet attractive way to showcase your company’s products and services.

Mimeo Branded Storefront

Create a self-service Marketplace storefront in minutes. Upload and maintain all of your training and sales materials in your own document library. Make it simple for your retail team to order sales flyers, training manuals, and other essential materials.


Mimeo Digital Solution

Mimeo Digital allows you to deliver your documents in a format that encourages employee engagement. Upload and share welcome and instructional videos, read-only documents, and marketing pieces. Enable your staff to interact using group notes, highlighting, and drawing tools.



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