Why Adopting a Print Management Solution Will Benefit Your Business

Why Adopting a Print Management Solution Will Benefit Your Business

Business leaders are often seeking solutions for their IT, marketing and communication issues. These challenges may include excessive high-volume printing costs, an incomplete advertising strategy and in-house printer problems, many of which can be solved by adopting a managed print solution to save organizations time and resources.

What do business leaders need to ask?
Those who make important decisions and future business plans for their companies ought to ask themselves and the heads of other departments about their printing needs.

“Adopting a managed print solution saves organizations time and resources.”

For example, many healthcare organizations benefit from software that integrates printers with electronic medical records or claims management systems, Entrepreneur reported. Depending on their enterprise’s positions within this field, some professionals require the ability to print medical brochures. Meanwhile, real estate professionals often need high-volume color documents for advertising.

“It’s only now that we are seeing cloud print and document management take off,” Joe Doyle, marketing director at Annodata, told Channel Biz. “This holds true for organizations of all sizes, but particularly for those in the mid-market, who arguably stand to benefit the most from this kind of approach to print management.”

According to the InfoTrends white paper, “Device Underuse and Unbalanced Fleets,” companies can maximize cost savings and productivity by adopting a thorough print management solution. This may facilitate a wide variety of tasks such as printing, activity-tracking, cost allocation, quota-setting and enforcement, secure printing, job redirecting and reporting.

How will a print management solution benefit a company?
Print management solutions take care of a wide variety of common issues. For example, they can provide product personalization for companies looking to write their own copy, and provide production of training manuals.

PowerPoint and other online or digital media should be accompanied by a physical portfolio of the presentationPowerPoint presentations and other digital content should be accompanied by a physical portfolio of printed materials.

According to Design’N’Buy, once a print management solution has been chosen, employees should be notified of how best to use this resource, as well as properly implement it. In order to roll out this type of change, the software provider suggested assigning a project leader who can make decisions regarding the impact on sales, marketing and customer service.

“With sprawling and inefficient print estates that often consist of hundreds of different devices, cloud-based print and file management solutions offer the opportunity to control costs and rebuild from the ground up, incorporating new efficiencies and easing the burden on the IT department,” Doyle added.

Why a quality print solution is important
A strong print management solution can be invaluable to a business’ success. According to Entrepreneur, printed documents, in addition to other physical marketing items, should be included with social media and other digital strategies.

For example, PowerPoint presentations and other digital content should be accompanied by a physical portfolio of printed materials. Additionally, business cards that include QR codes or other elements of augmented reality can boost the effectiveness of the design. This is because holding objects, such as brochures or business cards, increases tactile memory, according to the news source.

Print also reinforces versatility. Web-based companies can run into trouble connecting with customers or investors. Being able to successfully run print and digital media campaigns can suggest a company’s ability to succeed on multiple platforms.


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