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What you can print with Mimeo

Make sure your students have all the materials they need. You can print a variety of materials, including:

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Here’s how to print with Mimeo:

Save your files as print-ready PDFs

Build your document and proof online
Choose finishing options like three-whole punch, stapled sheets, and perforation

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From there, Mimeo will print and ship your materials directly to your students’ homes.

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Shelby County Schools is committed to providing instructional support to students and families during school closure, and the partnership with Mimeo is critical as we cultivate a system of supports to maintain continuity of learning. 

- Superintendent Joris Ray

Exercise books


Yard Signs

Test documents

Direct Mail

Support remote learning with an all-in-one solution

Highfive Video

Highfive is an award-winning video software that recreates classrooms wherever your participants are. 

• Unlimited Audio, Web and Video links
• One click to join - no downloads or pin numbers
• Easy connectivity on computer or mobile
• Up to 125 students at a time 

Put your content on your teachers’ devices without sacrificing the security of your intellectual property.

• Upload your files as they are (PDF, mp4, Word, Excel, etc.)
• Designate how many people can access your content.
• Distribute via secure keys to the device of your learners’ choice.

Mimeo Digital

Mimeo Print

Bring the physical world to your virtual classroom with printed materials.

• Ship print materials directly to participants’ residences 

• No order minimums, print as many or as little as you need

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