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Empower your healthcare team to excel with one central portal for all of your content.

Online Healthcare Print Solution

For over 20 years, healthcare companies have relied on Mimeo as their print partner. We know that your documents are critical to your success. That’s why our platform has the highest levels of security, yet it is flexible enough to adjust to changing business needs.

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Take Control of Your Print

Mimeo’s easy-to-use platform allows healthcare facilities to print on-demand. That means you can print as many or as few copies as you want, whenever you want.

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Shared Content Library

Start and maintain a personal file library. Share files with colleagues and external partners for easy collaboration and crisp digital viewing.

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Control Costs and Quality

Always have access to real-time pricing while ordering. Proof online and see exactly how your training and other content will look in print.

Meet Mimeo Print

Welcome to your new one-stop-shop for printing and delivering your healthcare content. Mimeo has all of your document needs covered, from training manuals to marketing materials. We specialize in streamlining our customers’ print processes using our seamless online platform. We allow you to customize, bind, and print online in minutes. Order on-demand for delivery as soon as tomorrow morning.

Upload Your PDF
Build Your Document, Selecting Your Preferred Format and Finishing
Proof in Real Time
Ship to Anywhere in the World
Track Your Order on One Screen

A Central Healthcare Document Portal

Mimeo provides much more than print services alone. We also enable hospitals and healthcare providers to work smarter through one centralized document portal. Our additional applications, Mimeo Digital and Mimeo Marketplace, give those in the healthcare industry a wide variety of abilities.

Share healthcare training content in any format, from video to PDF, to any device.
Enjoy complete content security via permissions settings. Instantly add/revoke access, sharing capabilities, and set restrictions.
Increase learner participation with interactive features, like group notes and drawing tools.
Create their own company storefront in Mimeo Marketplace in minutes. Make it easy for employees to order branded materials, such as document templates and business cards, directly from their storefront.
Welcome new, and motivate current, employees with SWAG that showcases your logo and colors. The possibilities are extensive and include t-shirts, totes, and USBs, just to name a few.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

With Mimeo, you no longer have to print learning and other deliverables in bulk. You can print 100% on-demand, cutting out waste from obsolete documents.
A prime example of how Mimeo reduces costs is Kindred Healthcare. Mimeo helped the largest provider of post-acute care services in the U.S. eliminate warehousing. We accomplished this just by introducing Kindred Healthcare to our online, on-demand print solution. They were able to customize their client services training materials rather than pre-printing. Their process of getting materials to customers went from 6 weeks to almost immediate. The best part is that, by switching to Mimeo, Kindred Healthcare saved $75,000 in the first year.

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Healthcare Print Solutions

Say goodbye to the days of swimming in paperwork. Deliver a variety of materials on-demand, directly from your Mimeo account. 
Our healthcare print solutions include:

Safety signage
Recruiting flyers and brochures
Recruiting posters
Benefits guides
Training manuals and booklets
New hire paperwork
Policies and procedures
Business cards

Security is a Top Priority

At Mimeo, we take the security of your documents seriously. That is why we use the same technology as financial and retail institutions. With the following security safeguards in place, you know that your documents are in good hands.

Encrypted Document Transfer: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL, HTTPS) are utilized in all document transfers. Data can only be decrypted by Mimeo. All data is encrypted while in flight and at-rest.
Critical Data Safeguards: Mimeo offers a PCI compliant payment option. Credit card information, address book files and document files all have restricted access.
Privacy Certification: Mimeo has earned a privacy certificate from the leading global Digital Privacy Management (DPM) Company.

Mimeo Branded Storefront

Create a self-service Marketplace storefront in minutes. Upload and maintain all of your training and sales materials in your own document portal. Make it simple for colleagues and partners to access essential documents immediately.

Mimeo Digital Solution

Mimeo Digital allows you to securely distribute your training, marketing, and other materials. Send in any format, from PDF to video to workbook, to any device. Control who can access and share your documents. Even encourage engagement with collaboration tools.

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