Secure Digital Content Delivery

Empower your learners, encourage collaboration, and deliver content in any format, to any device, anywhere in the world.

Digital Content Distribution Reimagined 

Create a unique digital content experience. Enable your audience to view critical business materials, take notes, and interact with other learners. Give them 24/7 access to your content, even when they’re offline. That’s the Mimeo Digital difference. 

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Provide a Simple Learner Experience

Empower an unlimited amount of learners to easily access a variety of content, on-demand, on their timelines.

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Complete Document Security

Instantly add/revoke access, permissions, sharing capabilities, and even set restrictions.

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Measure Learner Engagement

Understand how learners are interacting with your content, its effectiveness, and demonstrate ROI through analytics and reporting.

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Enable Audience Collaboration

Make it effortless for users to engage with content, other learners, and administrators using collaboration tools.

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Deliver Multiple Types of Content

Host, distribute, and update an unlimited number of videos, documents, read-only files, and more. 

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Full Accessibility

Give learners the flexibility to access and explore content on any device, from anywhere – even when offline.

Why Use
Mimeo Digital

Mimeo Digital’s features are extensive and unique. The platform simplifies content distribution for organizations from day one by offering seamless integration, unlimited document storage, audience engagement tools, TRUSTe Certified security, and more.

Easy integration into your current LMS or other infrastructure. You won’t even have to change your usernames and passwords.
Your own content library, where you can save, store, and update materials as needed.
A large array of tools to increase audience participation, such as group notes, comments, and signatures.
Security settings that range from restricting downloads to watermarking.
The ability to archive content with just one click, hiding it from view, temporarily or permanently.
Several 24/7 options for award-winning customer support, including immediate response via on-page chat.

Mimeo Digital

Get a quick, 2-minute tour of Mimeo Digital. Discover the platform’s content sharing options, security technology, and interface.

Plus, experience Mimeo Digital from both an audience and administrative perspective. Preview content library and document views as well as distribution and reporting features.

Mimeo Digital App

Read documents, view streaming videos, and access business-critical content on the go.
Download the Mimeo Digital app for iPhone and iPad. 

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app store

Download the Mimeo Digital app for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play, MS Windows 10 Store, and Amazon Appstore for Android

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Mimeo Account

Create an account by clicking the “Sign Up for an Account” button

Redeem your
Mimeo Digital Key

Click the “Redeem Key” button and enter US5G2IIITC5I

Mimeo Digital

Welcome to Mimeo Digital! This video shows you how to make the most of this innovative solution. Set up your own account, access shared documents, and view and reply to group notes. Plus, read and engage with more than one document at the same time. Customize your account settings to your preferences, including your language.

Our Proven Process

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We design your solution


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Mimeo Digital is a cutting-edge digital content distribution engine that allows enterprise organizations to maintain security for their content and receive rich reporting on audience engagement. From Mimeo Digital Command, users can upload, manage and distribute their digital content. From the Mimeo Digital Library, audience members can receive and engage with digital content in a user-friendly experience that is customized for them.

Mimeo Digital can be accessed on any device (PCs, tablets, and smartphones) via your web browser or the mobile app. The Mimeo Digital mobile app is available for free download to Mimeo Digital customers and their audiences on the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android, MS Windows 10 Store, and Google Play.

For our Enterprise Plan customers, Mimeo has APIs available for a variety of integrations. Many of our customers make use of these integrations to automate everyday tasks.

Our integration manager will meet with your business and technical stakeholders to better understand your needs and map out an integration plan.

The ability to print and download your files depends on your current permissioning level. Users can set permissions to limit printing and downloading. On the contrary, if full access is given, users maintain the ability to both print and download those files.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Mimeo Digital and answers from our expert team.

Mimeo Print Solution

Meet the best in fully online, on-demand printing. The Mimeo Print platform gives you the freedom of printing as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. You’ll significantly reduce your costs, eliminate waste, and save time, almost immediately.


Mimeo Branded Storefront

Create a secure, self-service, company-branded storefront in minutes. Build and maintain a document library that you can share with team members, partners, and clients. Upload product training guides, approved marketing, and other materials.

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