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Your business cards speak for you, conveying your unique talent and services to the world. Mimeo helps you create and print business cards that you can't wait to hand out.

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Mimeo makes it easy to order business cards online, on-demand, whenever you want. High-quality business cards instantly establish credibility and professionalism. They also spread the word about your company.

To create business cards, start by uploading your design. Then, select a size, paper type and weight, and finish. Keep your design simple with an uncoated finish or make it pop with gloss. No matter your preferences, we allow you to build a business card that fits your company.

Print What Matters With Mimeo Print

Create anything, from business cards to complex bound documents. Watch this short video to see how to build, proof, and ship documents using Mimeo Print. Plus, discover how to get real-time pricing, use last-minute, next-day shipping, and track your order.

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Custom Business Card Printing

Build your cards from top to bottom, your way. Choose your paper stock and thickness, and complete with a classic or more eye-catching, glossy finish.

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Proof in Real Time

View exactly how your business cards will look in print. With Mimeo, there are no surprises when you receive your documents. What you see on screen is what you see in-person.

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Fastest Delivery Available

Want to have your business cards in your hands right away? No problem. Place your order by 10 PM ET, and you’ll receive them as early as 8 AM the next morning.

With Mimeo, you are in control of how much your business cards cost. Choose your preferred business card size, paper type and weight, and finish. There are options to fit every budget, and our team is happy to help you select what’s best for you.

Your business card should always include your name, job title, company name and logo, and contact information. The best business cards serve as a call to action (CTA) to contact its owner. This CTA is strengthened with an easy-to-read typeface, limiting to one or two colors, and printing on high-quality paper. You should put some thought into your business card, since it represents you as a brand and a professional. But, always remember that simple and professional is best.

You want to disperse the most attractive business card possible. After all, your business cards represent you and your company. That’s why we recommend printing business cards on high-quality paper, like 80-100 lb card stock. Select a matte or glossy finish, depending on the look you’re going for. Matte is a classic choice with a smooth, non-shiny finish. Gloss is shiny and eye-catching for a more attention-grabbing effect.

Mimeo makes it easy for you fill your business cards to the edge, with no white margins or border. Simply upload your prepared, designed file; select your preferences, like color or black and white; and choose print-to-edge when you’re in the real-time proof. That’s it. You’re all done.

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