Professional, high-quality manuals are just a few clicks away. Build the manuals you need, cover to cover, in minutes. Choose your preferred paper stock, binding, and other features.

Printed Manuals

Easily create training, product, and sales printed manuals online in minutes. We offer thousands of customization options, so you can build a manual that meets your content needs and budget.

Choose your paper stock, from economy value to glossy to premium white paper, and your cover. (Pro tips: consider a gloss cover to enhance color, text, and graphics. You can’t go wrong with 24 lb Bright White Paper, our most popular paper stock for manuals.) Select your preferred binding type from staple, spiral, ring binder, perfect bound, and others. Finish off your manual by organizing it into sections with tabs and slip sheets. 

Sample Customizations

Choose Custom Document Sizes
Resize the Cover to Fit the Binding
Add a Clear Plastic Back
Use the Last Page as the Spine
These are just a few of the 1000+ document customizations that Mimeo offers.
You can literally specify almost any option imaginable using our special instructions.

Set up a call with one of our expert team members to discover the full array of customization possibilities.

Binding Types

Saddle Stitch
Ring Binders
Perfect Bound

Paper Stocks

Economy, Value & Premium White Paper
Premium White Paper 100% Recycled
Colored Paper

Card Stocks

White Card Stock & White Card Stock 100% Recycled
Glossy White Card Stock
Colored Card Stock

Covers, Tabs & Slip Sheets

Gloss, Laminated & Vinyl Covers
Card Stock, Mylar & Custom Tabs
Recycled Card Stock & Mylar Tabs
Light Blue Paper & Card Slip Sheet

Superstar’s Guide to Building Spiral Bound Documents

Check out this video to learn how to upload, proof, and customize your spiral bound documents in Mimeo Print. We cover steps for adding multiple sections, changing paper stock for each section, making your cover pop, and including tabs and slip sheets.

Printed spiral bound document
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Seamless Process

Mimeo Print simplifies the way you develop effective instructional manuals. Just upload your files, build, proof in real time, and deliver to any destination.

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Top-Quality Binding

Secure your manuals with the right binding, ensuring that your pages stay intact. Spiral, ring binders, and perfect bound are a few of the diverse binding options that we offer.

Mimeo next day delivery

Deliver Globally

Ship your manuals to anyone, from team members to learners, wherever they are in the world. Distribute to multiple recipients at once in minutes.

Manuals That Are Budget Conscious.

Prices for reference purposes only. For actual pricing or corporate account, connect with us.

Manual printing options can vary greatly. Make sure you’re getting the most from your marketing dollars. See if you have corporate rates or find out how we can help stretch your budget even further.

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Manuals are booklets that are common and essential documentation in the business world. They provide instructions on how to perform a certain activity, such as how to use a technology or machinery, or information about products and services. 

The types of manuals are extensive, depending on your industry. The most-printed types of manuals are product manuals, user manuals, operations manuals, training manuals, and sales manuals.

Best practices for writing a manual begin with outlining instructions in a straightforward, organized way. Think step-by-step guidelines that any user can follow. Write in an active, professional voice, avoiding going off topic. Whenever possible, incorporate instructive visuals into steps. By being clear and concise, you can write an effective manual.

Easily print manuals online, on-demand with Mimeo. We have over two decades of experience printing high-quality, effective manuals. We offer printing, binding, and distributing of training, product, and sales manuals.

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