Crafted by Keith Mahon

Use this winning recipe to create engaging and impactful microlearning elements. 


1 well-seasoned topic

Grade A Choice challenges

Feedback folded with explanations

Dash of scoring



Fold in a challenge

Start with the selection of a learning element focused on a single topic. Find a challenge to present to the learner. This could be a scenario or common dilemma related to the topic. Then give the learner a series of choices for how best to respond to the scenario or to resolve the dilemma.


Simmer with carefully selected choice

Giving your learner choices creates engagement by making them consider options and reflect on outcomes – it gets them thinking! Make the choices you offer the learner realistic. Consider using pictures, sample documents, or even video clips. Include frequently-made errors as choices.

Follow-up with feedback – this is the teaching moment. Let your learner know if their choice was correct and why or explain why another option was a better choice.


Serve consequences

Link multiple learning elements together to create learning paths for more comprehensive subjects. Add scoring to gamify. This approach works well in a variety of modalities including print, rich-media, and even video which can be used to create interactive video simulations.    

About Keith

Keith Mahon is a vice president of L&D at State Street Global Advisors (SSGA). He has extensive L&D experience in financial services and the high tech industry developing and implementing innovative workforce development programs. Keith is a graduate of The Colorado College and holds an MBA from Boston University – he’s also an avid cook!

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