Kindred Healthcare Cost Savings with Mimeo


The Training Development Group in Kindred’s Implementation Services department is responsible for nearly all learning deliverables for the organization. Each year they touch more than half of Kindred’s 75,000 employees. They were constrained to ordering 500 or more copies of a training manual, then warehousing and shipping them from stock. This was not only expensive, but stockpiling hindered them from making frequent content changes.

  • Decrease printing costs
  • Eliminate need to order in bulk


With Mimeo, Kindred has created an online library and internal branded storefront of documents which can be updated quickly and easily prior to ordering.

“Mimeo’s on-demand model eliminated bulk ordering, created a better process, and the cost savings have been immense. And we can order just one!” -Tracy


  • Save $75k in hard printing costs in less than one year
  • Transition to 100% on-demand model
  • No order minimums, eliminating bulk orders and warehousing

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“And that’s just hard costs! Which doesn’t take into account our trainer’s time, or the fact that the business is so happy with us because we now respond instantly.” -Tracy


Kindred Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company, is the largest diversified provider of post-acute care services in the United States. Through their subsidiaries they operate hospitals, nursing centers, and contract rehabilitation services.

“In our first year, we saved $75k in hard costs transitioning to Mimeo.”- Tracy Disney, Manager of IS Training Development

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